Saturday, October 4, 2014

Candy Shoppe @ The Candy Fair

Happy Saturday everyone!  All kinds of events are kicking off this week, but if you haven't run over to the The Candy Fair then you really should!  So many fantastic designers for this round, which of course means lots and lots of goodies for us!  During my blogger day run through, I stumbled upon this fantastic Candy Shoppe from The Hive that is available via gacha.  I knew when the doors opened I had to run back and play that machine.  And to my delight...I got it all!!!!   The textures are very well done, and with some of the other gacha and store items, it is easily decorated.  After taking the pictures, I thought of what a great pumpkin stand it would make as well for Halloween, so keep that in mind!

I am so thankful for the Sarawak sim!  Being able to set up scenes like this and take pictures is just a wonderful opportunity.  Go take a look and wander through the scenic sim at your leisure and make sure to take some pictures while there.  If you do, make sure to post them to the Sarawak flickr!  I tossed some of my other goodies from the Gacha area, and from my blogger packs to show off a few of the treats available!  Axix has a great gacha full of handheld treats and the rares are little sheep that sit on your shoulder, as does Myrrine.  And of course, what candy stand is complete without a Cotton Candy Machine.  This one is available in a variety of colors from HopScotch and they are absolutely adorable!   Absolutely fell in love with the different pieces available to decorate your garden, home etc, so make sure you hurry on over to check out all the items available!  Happy SHOPPING!

All the information you need for The Candy Fair!
Gacha area in the middle
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The Hive Candy Shoppe Gacha (map)
Shutter Shelves RARE; Menu Board; Table; Goodie Bags; Banner; Candles

HopScotch Cotton Candy Machine - Blue

Axix Sugar Sugar Gacha
Sugar Sweet Mushroom Red, Green and Purple; Sugar Cotton Candy Sheep Pink and Blue RARE; Sugar Red and Green Apples

Cafe Chair Pink; Delicatessen Plate - Cyan; Plate with Macaroons; Sugar Pot - Cyan; Tea Cups - Cyan; Tea Pot - Cyan

Myrrine Gacha
Candy Tree #3 and #4

Ariskea Maria Antoinette Gacha
Cotton Candy #2 RARE; Barbie Pop; Lollipop #2

Have a wonderfully wicked weekend!

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