Friday, September 15, 2017

A perfect place to unwind after a long day. Featuring Bee Designs, Petit Chat, and unKindness

Recently I decided to start over from scratch on my land and bought a new house and new outdoor landscaping, however the house has been sitting empty and I honestly didn't even know where to begin. I have so many beloved pieces and new things I have picked up over the last six months, and part of me wants to start over with all new things, but I can't see that happening since I happen to have certain pieces I can't live without. However, when I unpacked the new release from Bee Designs for The Liaison Collaborative I decided the vintage theme was going to continue, as usual, but with a new living room!

A perfect place to unwind after a long day. Featuring Petit Chat, Bee Designs and unKindness

The Elise Living Room is a Gacha Collection, currently available at The Liaison Collaborative and comes with 11 commons and 2 Rares. I love all the little cute decor pieces in this collection and I couldn't resist adding in some of the suitcases from the Vintage Suitcase Gacha Collection, also from Bee Designs, an exclusive at the Aqua event. I happen to have hat boxes and old suitcases, that when space allows, I have around my house, usually in my office. But since I haven't had one of those in over a year and a half, I decided to put them into my Second Life home while the others gather dust in storage. I have been absolutely amazed with the newest releases from unKindness, including the newest Fireplace Fountains currently at FaMESHed, that come in a wide variety of colors meaning you are sure to find the perfect fit for your home. The water is a fantastic addition to the traditional fireplace decor, and a MUST have for everyone's home in my opinion, so hurry out to the events and pick up your favorite pieces and create your perfect space to unwind! As you noticed, I dropped my briefcase on the sofa as I came home to unwind, which is a brand new release for The Chapter Four from Petit Chat. The Happy Briefcase is HUD driven with 8 options for the buckle or if you pick up the Fat Pack you will get an AMAZING HUD with 8 options for the buckle and 8 options for the strap, and there are different color collections to choose from as well so head on over to the event today and pick up one for yourself! You won't be disappointed!

Petit Chat - Happy Briefcase @ Chapter Four

The Decor Details

Build - Scarlet Creative - Wimberley 2

Living Room Set - Bee Designs - Elise Living Room Gacha @ The Liaison Collaborative
2 Rares and 11 Commons

Luggage - Bee Designs - Vintage Suitcase Gacha @ Aqua

Fireplace Fountain - unKindness - Fireplace Fountain Rustic Teal @ FaMESHed

Framed Print - unKindness - La Luna Frame @ FaMESHed

The Fashion Details

Briefcase on Sofa - Petit Chat - Happy Briefcase @ The Chapter Four - September 4th-30th
Hud driven : 8 color options for the buckle.
Fatpack comes with full HUD (8 options for buckle + 8 for the strap)
Materials Enabled

Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your day and remember to always stay true to your style and make today's trends in fashion and home decor work for you!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

"As free as birds catching the wind." Featuring Empyrean Forge, !!smesh and Desmonia

The last year and a half of my life has been like a topsy turvy whirlwind of strange ups and downs, weird health issues and LOVE. After being single for a very long time, and handling things on my own, no matter how hard, I have come to realize that it doesn't matter what life throws at you, it becomes easier when you have someone with which to share it. I had become a bit resigned to being single for the rest of my life and had no intention of getting into a relationship, but to be honest, it was the best decision I never made! My wonderful man and I were on the same page, and we were enjoying having someone to help make dinner for the boys and hanging out as friends when suddenly the universe jumped up with other plans for us. So it wasn't a decision for us, it just happened, and though there have been struggles we couldn't have even imagined, I know neither of us would change a thing. The love of the family we have created together and our commitment to each other, makes life just a little bit easier. All of this was to lead into the fact that I am not a Miley Cyrus fan, at least with what she puts out on the radio, until the recent release of "Malibu", and when I heard it through my speakers through Spotify, I was hooked. In one moment the last year and a half of my life was summed up in a song, and though my toes may not be wiggling in the sands of Malibu, the feeling is the same.

As free as birds catching the wind

I haven't showcased the We Love to Blog group and it's multitude of designers in a post in a while, so when I unboxed these goodies I JUST had to put them together along with this gorgeous new release from Empyrean Forge! I absolutely love this new hair from Desmonia, a new release in the store. It fits perfectly with mesh heads and if you haven't checked out the colors from Desmonia, then you really need to do yourself a favor and head by the store, and while there check out all the other new releases. It has been a bit since I have picked up anything from !!smesh, I hate to admit, so when I saw a release in the We Love to Blog group I got all excited, and this dress does not disappoint. The Knitted Dress is intricately detailed and fits perfectly on Maitreya, but comes with plenty of other sizes, so I am sure you will find the perfect fit! The dress comes in a variety of colors as well, with some showing a bit more of your naughty bits because of how they show up under the knit. And if you are looking for the perfect jewelry collection to accent any outfit, then head over to FaMESHed and grab the Sequoia Trio from Empyrean Forge. The necklaces are individual pieces and come with their own HUDS making it incredibly versatile, making it a must have addition to your jewelry box! Do yourself a favor and pick up a few of thee pieces and go sink your toes into the sand on your favorite beach sim and relax and unwind.

The Fashion Details

Head - LeLutka - Simone 3.0

Body - Maitreya - Lara

Skin - *YS&YS* - Kirsten

Eyes - Avi Glam - Lure @ PowderPack - August

Hair - Desmonia - Amy Side Braid

Necklaces - Empyrean Forge - Sequoia Trio @ FaMESHed

Dress - !!smesh - Knitted Dress
New!!! ONLY 100L

Pose - An Lar - Sarai Series

Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your day and remember to always be true to your style and make today's trends in fashion and home decor work for you!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The start of a beautiful romance - Featuring IT! and Dafnis

Lately I have been absolutely appalled at the body shaming and self hate that I have seen all over my Facebook page and other social media sites and I have become to question almost everything. How far we have really come as a human race when HATE seems to be the prevailing emotion? Where did the love go? When did people start teaching their children to hate instead of LOVE? The media would make you believe that body shaming is something of the past and that the definition of "fit" has changed, but with so many men and women continuing to hate their own bodies you have to wonder how much has really changed? This body you live in every day is the ONLY one you get, and whether you are carrying too much weight, have scars, stretch marks, your lips are too big, or your ears stick out, you have to learn to LOVE it and to treat it right, it will notice. A long time ago I came across a famous quote by one of my favorite Authors and Playwrights, and it resonated so deeply that I have carried it with me for years now on plaques, posters and key chains, and I wish people would remember that their first love should be themselves!
To love oneself is the beginning of a life long romance.

Oscar Wilde
Lifelong Romance

This gorgeous set of bracelets are exclusive to the current round of The Avenue, where they are being offered for 35% off, so hurry up, you cannot beat these prices for this quality! The Farah bracelets by IT! come in several different styles with accompanying HUDS allowing you several different choices of metals and gems, making this collection incredibly versatile and just has to make it into your jewelry box! I promise you won't be disappointed in the quality of the design or textures because they are both incredibly well done with a great attention to detail. And as the Summer winds down, I know many of you are looking for the perfect classically styled bikini to wear to the last pool parties of the season, and this new release from Dafnis for the SPOTLIGHT event is exactly what you are looking for! I love the HUD and options as well as the color combinations, and the classic bikini style and you even can be a bit daring and make them sheer, just in case you were looking to have all eyes on you! Check out the event and pick up the perfect bikini, you won't be disappointed!

The Fashion Details

Body - Maitreya - Lara

Head - LeLutka - Simone - 3.0

Skin - Glam Affair - Milena

Hair - Truth - Imani

Eyes - Avi Glam - Lure @ Powder Pack - August

Earrings - SECRETS - D'Aquila

Bracelets - IT! - Farah 2, 2.1, 3.1., 3.3 @ The Avenue
35% discount @ event
ONLY $78L packages 7-12
ONLY $98L packages 13-18

Bikini - Dafnis - Bikini @ SPOTLIGHT
September 1 - 18th

Pose - oOo Studio - Thoughts

Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your day and remember to always stay true to your style and make today's trends in fashion and home decor work for you!