Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sway's @ Mystic Realms Faire


It's almost time for The Mystic Realms Faire to open, October 10th, and as soon as the doors opened for blogger days I ran on over to see what goodies await us all!  And of course, with a few days left to wait, I thought I would put out a few little teasers before the event starts!

Wandering around the two SIM Faire, my eyes locked onto this wonderful scene put together by Sway's.  The detail is fantastic and the textures are wonderfully done.  Pictured here are the Wishing Well and Bucket; Bucket on Side; and bucket.  There is another bucket option as well.  The Bygone Street Lantern is manually controlled to turn on and off or, it can automatically come on for SL night.  Like the well, it is textured quite well and is a great addition to almost any landscape or home.  And of course, what Wishing Well off in the woods would be complete without a stone walkway.  Three pieces placed to make your perfect path this fall!  Check out the information and make sure to hurry on over when the sim opens!

Sway's Exclusives @ Mystic Realm Faire (thank you!!!)
Bygone Street Lantern
Stony Step Stones
Wishing Well and Bucket


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