Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bohemian Love

By the light of the fire she taps her tambourine against her leg as the night encircles her like a blanket.  The song that plays in her head is one you cannot hear, but can feel, just by watching her move.  The lament of the lonely Gypsy Queen is what you would call it, but to is just her song.

 Just had to take pics and show off this amazing Gypsy outfit from Gizza.  The tambourine adds a wonderful whimsical feel to this outfit, and it comes with animations and without.  The bracelets are also out front of Gizza, across from the Group gifts on the little carts.  Worth finding their hiding spot!  The Sun and Moon necklace is from The Secret Affair and is HUD run with 3 different options for metals on the moon and the sun.  The sweet and dainty Wicker Beaded Choker is from Kahil Designs and is also available there, so please stop by and check out all the fantastic Game of Thrones inspired items available now!  My amazing nails are available at The 100 Block, along with THOUSANDS of amazing items; some exclusive and most at discounts of 30-50%!  Now, as I have discovered the Pre-release Gacha event is something most people do not know about...which I think is a shame.  From poses, to nails, to furniture to jewelry, it is a great place to take a sneak peek at new releases!  My gold rings are by Tantalum and are from a Gacha at the  Pre-Release Gacha Garden!

Thank you to Kay at Image Essentials for continuing to provide a great place to take pics!  Go visit and find out for yourself!!!

The Gypsy Queen predicts you will have a wonderfully wicked week and weekend full of SHOPPING!!!  Enjoy and be well!

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