Saturday, April 12, 2014

Say My Name

Happy Saturday to everyone!  Hope everyone had a wonderfully wicked week!  The shopping on SL for the last 12 days has been CRAZY!!!  With all of the events it is hard to keep track of where you have been and where you want to go, and what items you missed  My inventory looks like a tornado hit it!  But for this beautiful Spring day I had to share my find from Sassy at The 100 Block. I have really liked this dress mesh, and all the styles Sassy has it available in, but this combination is truly my favorite.  It made me want to go take a stroll through the tulips, or well, to hang from a chair....! Feeling very flirty and whimsical!  The romantic feel of this dress goes quite nicely with the Truth April hair, and Hucci Vinnitsa Sandals, both available at Collabor88.  

Lazuri Classic Pearls - Color change scripts for the pearls and the metal.  Brilliant piece!

Leonard Dahlia Ring -  Absolutely love this flower ring!  Comes in different colors!

Hucci Vinnitsa Sandals - These shoes come in several colors and the detail on the wings is exquisite!

This lighting captured my mood perfectly!

Have a wonderfully rest of your weekend and don't forget to STOP and smell the roses!  Life is too short!  Take a journey of romantic proportions, which often means you never have to leave your own home!

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