Monday, April 14, 2014

Bohemian Like You

No matter where I wander, or what clothes I come across, I somehow or another always end up back in my casual, comfortable, retro bohemian looks.  Had a friend recently bring it up and I laughed, because when I put on other things, I honestly feel like I am wearing a costume.  So the search was ON!  And the treasure trove of goodies I stumbled across at ArisAris has truly made this gypsy heart happy!

The first look into what they have to offer will feature the newest outfit available, named Tuscany.  The simple, belted shirt dress is wonderfully textured and comes in both black and white; fitted and regular mesh and with the plunging neckline, the Lola appliers work amazingly well with this dress!!!

ArisAris & Armory - Tuscany Dress   Eudora - Shoes and Tote  Lode - Boohoo Summer
Seasons Story - Tulip Elena Darks

ArisAris & Armory - Tuscany Dress   Seasons Story - Wasabi Pills Hanako  
Leonard - Summer Daisy Mouthpiece  Fameshed - Cae Poise Jewelry
OMG!  Lookie my dirty little feet!  Can be found in the mainstore and at The 100 Block
 7mad;Ravens - Dirty Feet Slink Applier  

Eyes by IKON
All pictures taken at Derailed

Have a wonderfully wicked week!  Kick off your shoes and get a little dirty!  Take a walk in the woods or the garden and enjoy the Spring Fling!!!

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