Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dreaming of the Boondocks

I believe, everyone, at times, needs to go get lost.  Now let me explain that a bit....   Life is stressful, with work, job, kids, family etc etc etc. the list never ends.  We fall into a rut that we often cannot find our way out of...when this happens.... Go get lost!  Take a walk on a trail you know by heart but wander off of it; drive where you never have before, just disappear for a few where the rest of the world cannot find you.  Getting lost, can sometimes be the best thing you could do for yourself, because usually the journey to just get lost, helps you find what you were missing.

I needed to get lost the other night, and an old "home" was haunting my dreams.  In my wanderings I stumbled upon Belle Bayou. This is one of the most beautiful swamp sims I have seen so far on SL, and it has kept my longing for home at bay, at least for now.

As you enter the sim, make sure to adjust your lighting to sunset, or night, as they suggest on their destination information.  The transformation between the settings is quite remarkable.  Fireflies, waves lapping at the shore, sparkling trees and the overall ambiance made this the perfect getting lost adventure!

Any adventure requires the perfect attire, and Coquet provided mine on this wonderful night.  The jacket comes in three colors, and the dress in 5 and they are available until Fameshed ends.  The jackets cuffs match each of the dress colors, which I find to be a wonderful detail.  Comfort and style are key when wandering into the wild blue yonder, make sure to go grab yours!

The Look - Coquet Denim Jacket and Bohemian Chevron Dress available at FameShed; Tameless Hair - Charlize; Leonard Dahlia Ring; Gizza Multi bangles Earth and Sky 1; Pure Poison Lucrezia Necklace; Shey Mechanic Bamboo Watch - Limited Bazaar; Jarla skin by DeeTaleZ; and Kaleido Eyes - Leaf by IKON.

Dream of places you love and wander through SL and see if you too can find the place your dreams are made of, I know I did!  Be good to yourself and each other!

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