Wednesday, April 23, 2014

It's a New Dawn

A new day is breaking on the horizon and with it, a day full of opportunities.  What kind of day will you make it today?  Good, bad, indifferent?   Be mindful of your choices, and even if you should falter, never forget that tomorrow brings a new dawn; a new day; and with that, new opportunities. 

New Dawn

I absolutely LOVE this dress from Gabriel.  Do yourself a favor, if you haven't been in the store and go wander!  A spring sale is going on and there are quite a few fantastic pieces to pick up right now.  This sleeveless dress comes in solids and in florals.  The fit is perfect and moving around is not an issue, as the dress moves well.  If you haven't wandered into the 100 Block GO NOW!  Reigns Bow Peep pumps are adorable!  They come in a variety of colors and are HUD driven for the bow strap so you really get several choices with your one color.  Or of course... buy the Fatpack and have fun!

The Cosmetics Fair opened recently and you will not be disappointed!  So many eyeshadows, makeups, lipsticks and skins to browse through, along with other "cosmetic" options for your avatar.  I have fallen in love with this skin from DeeTaleZ that is new at the fair.  Calla comes in two styles and my favorite thing about this skin are the freckles splashed across the nose that are not a tattoo layer, but simply part of the skin.  Brilliant for a fresh Spring look!  Twisted bangle from Baubles and Bangles and the silver bangles are from Gizza.  If anyone  has noticed, I have a particular fondness for the eyes from IKON.   And these are no exception.  The sparkle in the Kaleido eyes is just stunning, as seen here in Sea.  Happy shopping!!!!   

No matter what clouds darken your skies, remember tomorrow is always a new day!  Enjoy, smile and love with all of you!

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