Friday, April 25, 2014

Essentials at *COCO*

On one of my recent aimlessly wandering shopping trips in SL I stumbled into *COCO*.  Now, first things first... The mix of industrial, empty warehouse with their high fashion displays struck me as quite genius.  No time spent looking at the scenery or architecture, it is ALL about the clothes!

I am going to mention the freebies here because there are about 50 of them, and while most are not mesh, there are some nice staple pieces for everyone's wardrobe.  Fedora hats, boots, shoes, tanks, shirts, you name it, it is on the large wall in the rear of the store.

 Now, those are the gifts for all, the group gifts are a whole other wall and you can find a few pieces in this group as well.  So before even wandering up and down the aisles of displays, I had added quite a few things to my over stuffed closet.

I love outfits created to go together, it is easy... However, having good quality pieces is sometimes more important than having several different complete outfits.  The perfect basic t-shirt, Boho skirt, short pleated skirt, or tank with options of being tucked in or not, these are things I know I search for all the time.  And at *COCO* I was pleasantly surprised to find those items!   I chose two outfits that portray the versatile and undeniable style of *COCO*.

As the weather starts to clear, those legs of ours start to come out of hiding.  This pleated skirt is expertly textured and the mesh fits perfectly.  It comes in several colors and is one of my favorite finds, since it can be matched with a variety of outfits.

If you haven't had a chance to stop by this round of Kustom9, you really should.  I have picked up several pieces from there to mix and match and one of my favorite picks has to be the Recherche Heels from Mango Cheeks.  Featured here are the dark, in Slate.  They are not too blue, or grey, nor are they too dark.  I found them to go quite well with several different dark colors.

I have a confession to make, when I say wanderings, I really do mean that I go on adventures with no specific destination in mind and just roam around malls and shopping sims to see what I can find.  On a recent trip with a friend I literally stumbled into M.O.C.K Cosmetics and immediately found a new favorite place for makeup.  On the counter, is a box containing a gift for Easter, and the number 3 in the pack is what I am wearing here.  The attention to detail on the eyes here is amazing, and I will be returning soon to pick myself up a few more items.
Avatar -  DeeTaleZ Calla Cosmetics Fair NEW!!; M.O.C.K Easter Egg Shadow #3; Shakeup! Everyday Blush in Peach; *League* Wing Eyeliner; !lamb Spellbound Sunet; IKON Sunrise Eyes in Light Lagoon
Outfit - *COCO* Cropped Sweater Shirt in Beige; *COCO* Pleated Miniskirt in Grey; Mango Cheeks Recherche Heels in Slate at Kustom9; Leonard Dahlia Ring in Olive

This  dress from *COCO* has exquisite lace details that really cannot truly be appreciated until it is on the body.  The flirty flare of the skirt, and the hint at the chemise beneath being slightly off the shoulders, makes this dress very alluring.  Whether you want to dress it up, as I decided to here, or dress it down, it is a perfect Spring and Summer dress.  I am chomping at the bit for more shoes from Nineteen Ninety Two, and I know there are some at the events this month, but I have yet to run across them.  The Leighton sandals have a great heel and come in quite a few colors.and they don't come across as being a "dressy" shoe per se.  My watch and bracelet combo comes from Mandala and though a bit pricey, it is well worth the close to $700L.  I am wearing the complete version, in leather, but you can pick and choose how many bracelets you want to wear with it, or simply just the watch. 

Avatar - DeeTaleZ Calla Cosmetics Fair NEW!; Shakeup! Everyday Blush in peach; Pelle Smooth Eyeshadow; *League* Wing Eyeliner; Exile Colette in Sunset; IKON Sunrise Eyes in Light Lagoon.
Outfit - *COCO* Lace Dress; Mandala Sitennoah Watch; Nineteen Ninety Two Leighton Pumps in Nude; Leonard Grandma Ring in Brass; Lazuri Pearls

Photo Credits go to Terra Nite (EternalNecrosis)

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