Thursday, May 1, 2014

Boho Chic at Monochromatic Fair!

     Being a woman of particular tastes when it comes to my everyday fashion, I often find it hard to find stores catering to all my needs.  Boho Chic, or Bohemian doesn't mean shabby or dirty, in reality it is much different than some would assume.  But we all know about that word now don't we?  The Boho Chic movement is highly influenced by the fashion of the 60's and 70's and the Romani, or Gyspy culture.  Flowing lines, comfortable style and natural fabrics mixed and matched with a large variety of patterns are what makes up the core of the Boho style.  The romantic feel of the soft, fluid, off the shoulder blouses; long, draping, hip riding skirts mixed with laces and patterns evokes a life of freedom, art and music.  The skirts and pants are flared, there are no hard lines or tight, constricting clothing. but you will find lots of layers, and often a few pieces of very chunky, eclectic, artsy jewelry.  In the recent years, the Boho Chic style has made it's way to the runways in the largest fashion houses and to SL as well.  I know the sidewalks are soon to be swept, and the doors all locked, but you can still drop by The Monochromatic Fair to check out the wide array of items offered.


I was pleasantly surprised to see the creators involved in this event to truly embrace the meaning of monochromatic.  In spite of what I thought, black and white made up a very small percentage of the event. Too many people focus on the black and white, pvc, monochromatic fashion that seems to have taken over in the past few years and shy away from the entire rest of the spectrum.  Not this time, thank goodness!  *Mon Cheri* put out a gorgeous empire waisted dress with a soft flowing skirt that fits perfectly!   I chose to try out the mesh + lolas version of the dress, and I love how perfect the applier was for the top!  As most of us know who wear lolas, that is not always the case, especially with mesh apparel.  I picked up the bluegreen version of the Empire Maxi dress at the fair, but there are several other colors available as well.  I picked up these great nails from Adoness, called Queen Jane, at the 100 Block but I am sure you can check the store and see what else they have available,  Great tiedye feel to them!  I was feeling a bit fancy free and this dress just made me want take a stroll on the beach.  Thank you to my amazing photographer, Terra Nite for getting some great shots!

And on my wanderings, I happened across a bunny! My own HUGE chocolate bunny!  What every girl really needs!  Bunny was found at The Seasons Story, and since they have packed up their wares, head on over to Alchemy to see what you can find!

Take the time to step outside and see the bulbs peeking out over the soil; the animals at play; the birds chirping in the sky and look to those around you and tell them you love them.  Life is short, live it to the fullest!

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