Thursday, May 8, 2014

Cotton Candy Hunt is ON!


The Cotton Candy Hunt is ON and if you are still sitting back thinking, "Oh great, another hunt with a bunch of stuff I don't want," this time you are wrong!  From the start to the finish, the treasures along the way will keep you hunting!  Needless to say, with 111 stops, give or take a few who have dropped out, there are oodles of outfits to be put together.  I jumped right on this gem from D&G Fashions and just had to share with everyone!  This is a complete outfit from head to toe and all available as ONE gift on the hunt. 

The biggest surprise of the hunt, has to be this skin from Panda Punx!  It literally comes with every applier under the sun and has a wonderful fresh, young look.  Just look at those freckles!!!  The Alien jewelry is adorable and I thought added just the right "geek chic" to this outfit.  More candylicious outfits to come! 

Avatar - Panda Punx Skin - Skye; Wasabi Marin from Fantasy Faire; Pink Acid Lip Tattoo in Pink Lemonade

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