Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Along for the Ride

As always, my love of music comes into play today.  No matter how far I roam, my love of International music reigns supreme.  Today is no exception, so please click the link and come along on a ride with me, it might be a bit bumpy.  *winks*

Come on a journey with me today, a journey through the events going on NOW on the grid!  Somehow or another, I managed to sneak my way into almost everything last night and my bedroom is a MESS of boxes, bags and tissue paper!  So many wonderful things, and of course, one of my favorite loves....BAUBLES!  Accessories truly seem to rule the current round of events and no matter what you are looking for, you are sure to find the perfect thing!  From unique and elegant jewelry for your feet; gorgeous hand and bracelet combinations; earrings; wands etc., everything you can imagine! 

Avatar - Slink Hands Casual; Slink Feet Mid; DeeTaleZ Calla Skin (check the store, was at the Cosmetics Fair); Shakeup! Everyday Blush [inNudePink]; Pelle Smooth Eyeshadow Purple; *League* Classic Wing Eyeliner; Gaeline Mesh Eyelashes; IKON Sunrise Eyes Light Lagoon; Little Bones West Coast Reds at Chapter Four

Outfit - ArisAris Gyspy Set in Raspberry; MG Hand Jewelry at FameShed NOW!; Pure Poison Oriental Gold Feet for Mid Slink at the Fantasy Gacha NOW!; Beaded Wicker Necklace at We <3 RP NOW!

This dress is a wonderful piece available at ArisAris in black and raspberry.  It is a great fit and doesn't break or cut when you move.  An excellent addition to my Boho Collection!  Take care of yourself and those you love!  Enjoy the art of mother nature at her finest!!

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