Tuesday, June 24, 2014

In Bloom @ The Arcade

The carousel music and the popcorn machines will soon stop at The Arcade, and if you haven't had a chance to wander through, hurry on down!  And whoever the brilliant genius is behind the "invisible" avatar HUD that was sent out prior to the start of the event, should be given a medal in my eyes!  I got to glide past everyone sitting there trying to load and stood right in front of the machines and never had to do the scan, pan and pray!  Ok enough about the event, everyone should have been at least once in their SL adventures!

Today, let us focus on the Kimono Gacha from Pixiecat!  I can honestly say, I have everyone of these BUT the rare, which of course, has caused me many sessions of grumbling and wanting to strangle the machine, however, everyone of these dresses is gorgeous!  The details on the belt and the kimono itself are very well done.  The hat, I don't have enough words in my vocabulary to describe this piece to you, it is truly stunning!  The fan matches perfectly and sits well in the hand without having to manipulate things very much.  Now, the alpha is a bit long on the thighs, but it didn't cause me any issues when taking pictures.  Whatever your favorite color is, I am sure you will manage to find exactly what you want in that pretty little machine!  EMO-tions has come on the seen lately with great hairs, and this one at The Arcade is no exception.  Love the color options and the style in general, as it feels less stiff that a lot of hairs I have had on lately.  Matched up with the Legacy Heels by Reign available at The Thrift Shop for a little while longer!  With this hat and fan, accessories are really not needed, and honestly take away from the kimono!

Happy shopping and have a wonderfully wicked night!

Kimono, Hat, Fan @ The Arcade
Shoes - Reign Legacy @ The Thrift Shop

Shape by Me
Skin - DeeTaleZ Anouk Skin
Hair - EMO-tions Edith in Chocolate @ The Arcade
Eyes - IKON Sunrise Eyes
Lipgloss -  Pink Acid Overlay Gloss & Teeth Berry @ The Thrift Shop
Nails - ZOZ Slink Applier Magenta Single 
Eyeshadow - MONS Makeup Punk Eyeshadow
Blush - Shakeup! Deep Blush
Lashes and Eyeliner - Gaeline


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