Monday, November 10, 2014

Send in the Clowns

If you love the carnival music; the crunch of peanut shells under your feet; the smell of cotton candy and hot buttered popcorn; and the distinct, yet distant aroma of wild animals and hay; then Cirque de Seraphim is one event you MUST check out!  The event covers two sims with TONS of designers all offering goodies catering to the circus theme.  Now as most people know, I am terrified of clowns, but that is really exclusive to the creepy wig, red nose wearing weirdos you can often find making balloon animals at children's birthday parties.  Luckily for me, those are not the clowns at Cirque de Seraphim!  My love of the "sad" clown teamed up with my desire to always be a Ring Leader for my post today!

Jacket - BOOM - Sixty-Two - Pitch @ Cirque de Seraphim
Skirt - LP - Peak Skirt - Black @ Cirque de Seraphim
Shoes - Clamberry - Rope Heels - Black @ Cirque de Seraphim
Ring L - LUXE - Dainty Ring - Pyramid - Black @ Sad November
Crop - RACK Poses - Puttin' on a Show Prop @ Cirque de Seraphim
Hat - RACK Poses - Puttin' on a Show Prop @ Cirque de Seraphim

Shape - Mine
Skin - Belleza - Lily V1
Brow - Belleza - Med Drk
Lips - Belleza - Lily V1 Lip 1
Lashes - Gaeline - Fantasia
Liner - Gaeline - V2
Tattoo - Fable.Tale - Crying Hearts @ Cirque de Seraphim
Eyes - Mudskin - Butterfly - Misc8 @ We <3 RP
Hair - Spellbound - Bramble - Natural Selection @ Sad November
Hands and Feet - Slink

I went to the event with the idea of picking up an outfit and ended up getting a lot more than just ONE!  Of course a Circus themed event would feature jackets like this one from BOOM, but needless to say, the detailing on this made it the winner.  The fit on this jacket is fantastic and didn't break in all my moving and posing, which is always a plus!  I knew when I saw the jacket that I had just picked up a skirt that would match PERFECTLY from Chapter Four.  I love this skirt, it fits perfectly with very little alpha "peeking."  And what Ring Leader ensemble would be complete without a Top Hat and Crop, which RACK Poses provides in the "Puttin' On a Show" pose set.  The crop lines up perfectly in the poses and I didn't have to move the hat to make it look perfect!  Matched up with the Rope Heels from Clamberry and the look was complete!  So send in the clowns! 

Chair - % Percent Furniture - Rita's Burlesque Chair @ Cirque de Seraphim
Light - % Percent Furniture - Circus Light - Red @ Cirque de Seraphim
Stars - HIDEKI - Stars - Freak Show Gacha @ Chapter Four
Poses - RACK Poses - Puttin' On a Show @ Cirque de Seraphim

Happy shopping and have a wonderfully wicked day!


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