Sunday, March 15, 2015

Mona Lisa's Smile

As I have always said, the definition of sexy is all about class, not trash and more about what you don't see than what you do.  Today I bring you really a "Jade LOTD" featuring new releases from Insanya for the Biker's Choice Fair, AlaskaMetro for The Skin Fair, and Tchelo'sTchelo's released these fantastic cardigans for Fashionart recently but they are now in the main store, so hurry on over and grab yours today!  I love the fit on this mesh, since it is open enough to allow for those of us a little more well endowed than others, and yet also shows the silhouette of the body.  And if you have been looking for an underbust corset for your newest mesh body, then make sure to check out Insanya's newest release at Biker's Choice Fair where you are sure to find your favorite color.  The pasties come in rigged for Slink bodies and unrigged for the rest of us, ensuring a perfect fit every time.  The corset also comes with a HUD to show or hide the rings along the bottom, I chose to hide them today for this outfit, but I love that you have the choice.  Also, when checking out the event check out the hidden gift hair from Catwa, called "Zoey."  You will not be disappointed.  

Jacket - Tchelo's - Waterfall Cardigan NEW!!!
Corset - Insanya - Underbust Corset - Bordeaux + Pasties @ Biker's Choice Fair
Leggings - Lavian & Co. - Red Label - Love Me Like You Do
Shoes - Reign - High Society - Black
Necklace - Yummy - Celestial Layered - Silver 

Hair - Little Bones - Lady
Skin - AlaskaMetro - Ivory V2 @ The Skin Fair
Brows - AlaskaMetro - Soot #2 @ The Skin Fair
Eyeshadow - AlaskaMetro - Matte Smoke - Charcoal @ The Skin Fair
Lips - AlaskaMetro - LiquidShine - Claret @ The Skin Fair
AlaskaMetro has come out with several skin releases for The Skin Fair along with a few eyeshadow and lip collections.  Today I am featuring the "Ivory" skin with examples of the gloss and one of the eyeshadows.  The detailing on the skins is fantastic and the brow options also come with hairbases and "Lady Parts" in Blonds, Gingers and Blacks, meaning you will find a perfect match for your hairs.  The skins come in a variety of shades as well from light to dark with all of the latest appliers as well so hurry on over to The Skin Fair to get yours today.  I hope you have enjoyed my LOTD and happy shopping!

Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your evening and remember to always stay true to your style and make today's fashions work for you!

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