Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Time to sleep, time to dream

When I woke this morning I was struck by how low the sun hung in the sky and by the crisp breeze that danced along the curtains in the house, and my only thought... Autumn has fallen here in the mountains of Arizona.  It brings a smile to my face because this is truly my favorite time of year.  The days are still blessed with warmth and the sun still heats everything around it, but it never quite gets as hot now, and when the sun sets a chill has stolen its way into the shadows.  The sleeves are getting longer, and the jeans are coming out of the closet as sweaters start to accompany the purse when you leave the house.  Never too hot, never too cold, and for someone like me who has an intolerance to extreme temps, it is the perfect time of year.  I usually have more of a spring in my step and I tend to go out a lot more in the Fall and early Spring but this year, my back will be restricting my outdoor activities.  This doesn't mean I love the season any less, it just means that next year I will probably disappear in September and October to make up for lost time.  It also happens to be a very spiritual and magical time of year for me as well, and all my other pagan friends.  Mabon, the celebration for the Fall Equinox, is just around the corner and everywhere I look I am reminded of Mother Nature's bounty and grateful for all I have.  It is a time of reflection and purpose as we head into the end of our year, marked by Samhain, or Halloween to the rest of the world.  Thinking about the season I was drawn to google a few poems about Mabon, since it is right around the corner, and I stumbled upon a beautiful piece, an adaptation of sorts of an old prayer to the ancient Goddess of Egypt as the days began to shorten, and I couldn't think of a more fitting poem to accompany this amazing new piece from unKindness exclusively available at the current round of FaMESHed.

The Autumn Vanity Set includes the table and mirror, at 24 land impact and a resizer; 3 wreaths with resizers at 1 land impact each; and a cushion with 6 poses at 1 land impact; all sold for 399L.  I love the amazing attention to detail that unKindness puts into every piece they design.  I actually showed a friend of mine this picture and told him I wanted one for my home since it makes a perfect altar and comfy place to sit and contemplate especially during this, "time to sleep, time to dream."  As I was writing this post my phone rang and it was the back doc's office telling me they had a cancellation for tomorrow morning, meaning I can see him tomorrow and next week so neck and back both get dealt with by 5 pm on the 16th.  I am thrilled while at the same time terrified to actually hear what the plan is, so I am reflecting quite a bit today and sitting in front of this piece I might have spoken the words from the poem I found aloud, hoping my positive thoughts come back to me three fold.  

Autumn colors of red and gold
As I close my eyes tonight
Such a wonder to behold
I feel the Goddess hold me tight
Watch leaves turning one by one
Though it grows dark, I shall not fear
Captured bits of Autumn Sun
For Divine Love protects all here
Soon they'll fall and blow away
Through the night, until the morn
The golden treasures of today
When the shining Sun's reborn
When the trees are bare
Time to sleep, time to dream
And the ground grows cold
Till warm gold rays upon me stream
These warm memories.

Adapted by Akasha Ap Emrys - Shared by Silverfox in Realms of the Earth

unKindness - Autumn Vanity Set @ FaMESHed

Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your day and remember to always stay true to your style and make todays furniture trends work for you!

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