Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The credit company called and apparently I am going to need those hooker heels

It is one of those months where half of my luck is good and the other half is well, bordering on somewhere between crappy and abysmal.  Which I guess is kind of par for the course as of late.  As I was browsing through a favorite page on facebook today I found this little meme that made me laugh much louder than I probably should have, " My credit report said,"return everything you just bought, except the hooker're going to need those."  If you are like me, then this rings true at some point in your life.  Lucky for all of you NoName has FABULOUS new shoes as a group gift for you to pick up, and check out this amazing new jacket and tank combo for SLF&O group, which means you won't have to be hanging on the street corner contemplating a new lifestyle anytime soon!

As always you can count on a fantastic HUD with lots of options for the shoes and the jacket/tank combo meaning you can mix and match them with your favorite jeans or skirts, or in my case the ripped jeans also from NoName.  Do yourself a favor and head on over and check out all the wonderful goodies available at the store.'s that time again at Glint for The Mega Hunt meaning there are 40... yes F O U R T Y different gifts to pick up in the store for 5L each.  There are 14 female gifts, 14 male gifts and 12 unisex gifts hidden through the store all marked by different colored beach balls, so check the board at the front of the store and get your hunt on!  

Over the last year being involved with We Love to Blog I have fallen in love with Pulcino's nail designs and their newest release is no exception so head on over to the Sequin Event before it closes its doors on the 15th for this gorgeous set named Cognition, which isn't the only offering there so check out all the new releases for the event.

The Details
Body - Maitreya
Hair - Olive - The Steamer
Skin - DeeTaleZ - Justine
Eyes - IKON - Hope - Apex
Shadow - Pelle - Smooth - Green
Liner - DeeTaleZ - A - Black
Nails - Pulcino - Cognition @ Sequin Event til the 15th
Ring - Glint - Lions Eye Ring Black for the Mega Hunt
Bracelet - Glint - Butterfly for the Mega Hunt
Necklace - Cae - Seeker's Quest
Jacket and Top - NoName - Fanny - SLF&O Gift
Jeans - NoName - Remi Ripped
Shoes - NoName - Rita - Group Gift!!!!

House - Storytellers Burrow; Stairway to Knowledge; Whiskey Set; Table Lamp; Old Rugs; 8 Minute Mints; Lantern Cage; Old Chair - All from Storytellers Burrow @ The Arcade
Wreath - unKindness - part of Autumn Vanity Set @ FaMESHed
Map - NOMAD - Antique World map - A

Now that I have looked over my finances and realized how much of a hole I have ended up in with my income being $300 short this month I think it's time for a stiff drink, oh look the whiskey is right here!  Cheers and I hope you enjoy the rest of your night and remember to always stay true to your style and make today's trends in fashion and home decor work for you!   

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