Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Either coffee or a beautiful monster, you pick!

For the past couple of days my energy level has been at an all time low and all I want to do is camp out in bed or on the sofa and watch movies all day.  Which, if you have been following along for a bit, you know that is just not possible in my life!  Luckily today was a late start for the boys, which means I got to sleep in for a little while, and didn't have to rush.  After dropping them off at 10 I decided to take a drive for a cup of coffee and along the way decided to do a bit of Pokémon hunting, yes I have fallen prey to the game.  I decided to try and see what my guys would do in a gym, and without the boys to help me celebrate, I won!  Now this may seem like no big deal to the majority of the world, especially to those who haven't succumbed to the little bastards yet, but I was all kinds of excited and just might have called my best friend to brag, who, by the way, thinks I am a total and complete nut.  With a bit of a spring in my step I grabbed a coffee and came home to get to work on blogging, organizing and SHOPPING, since I seem to have had no time to pick up anything for myself this month.  I picked up a few cute things, which I will be showing off either later today or tomorrow, but first I just had to share this amazing jewelry set from Virtual Diva with you all.

I am wearing the Majestic Collection, in Onyx Mix and as you can tell, they are gorgeous, large pieces perfect for those end of the Summer low cut dresses.  Each piece is wonderfully created with an amazing attention to detail, making them a perfect addition to your jewelry box.  When I first came back to SL I stumbled onto Shakeup! cosmetics who I am happy to say have continued to follow the trends into mesh heads making these STUNNING glossy, dark red lips for LeLutka heads.  The sets comes in a variety of shades, often in at least two different palettes so take the time and head on over to the store and check out all the different appliers, I am sure you will be surprised!

The Fashion Details
Head - LeLutka

Skin - DeeTaleZ

Eyes - IKON - Triumph - Silverleaf

Hair - .Shi. - Valiant

Lips - Shakeup! - Anja Gloss for LeLutka - Dark Palette

Jewelry - Virtual Diva - Majestic Collection - Onyx Mix

Top - i'piteme - Anna Fringe Halter Top - Tons of colors to choose from, as well as Crocheted or Solid

The Décor Details
Build - unKindness - Modern Retreat

Art, Chair - unKindness - Modern Bleak Set

Clock - unKindness - Chic Wall Clocks

Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your day and remember to always stay true to your style and make today's trends in fashion and home décor work for you!

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