Thursday, October 27, 2016

She is whimsy in motion that Gamine girl - Style Personalities Part III

To say I am truly humbled by the responses to the first two installments of the Style Personality series, would be an understatement. Since I began my blog it has been my intention to not only showcase the fashion and home decor of Second Life but also to entertain and educate.  In my early twenties I was a make-up artist for Prescriptives cosmetics where I gained a lot of knowledge about not just skin care, and make-up, but about color palettes, and how to put them together.  Then I stumbled into an opportunity to become a Personal Shopper at Lord & Taylor where I got to learn tons about fashion, personal style, and how to dress for your body type.  After a few years of learning anything and everything I could I decided to broaden my horizon further and go to beauty school to be an Aesthetician and combined my knowledge to start my own image consulting business.  After the birth of my son my path in life led me far from the fashion and beauty industry, but it has always remained my first love.  Ten years ago when circumstances in my life found me disabled and home, it was to fashion, color and design I ran to after discovering the world of blogging and Second Life.

Now that I have a forum where I can express myself, I feel it is actually my duty to share with people the knowledge I have garnered over the years, thus leading to the current discussion of Style Personalities.  So far, we have delved into two of the five personalities and today, inspired by this adorable ensemble from B Barbie Style, I will reveal to you the world of the Gamine girl.

A Gamine is easy to spot because no matter the age she has a childlike innocence and appeal which is revealed in her mannerisms and of course, in her fashion.  She is always youthful and neat in her appearance, never tugging or pulling at her clothes or worrying about how they fit.  The Gamine girl is always on the go with a lightness in her step and though often more on the quiet side, her whimsical style keep her from every being too serious.  She prefers straight lines that hug and enhance her figure without ever being too tight, or too revealing.  Anything loud, bright, large, dramatic, bold or frilly will undoubtedly overwhelm the quiet, understated beauty of the Gamine.  If there are any patterns in her closet they should be tiny polka dots and small, repeating, symmetrical textures that are enhanced with delicate details and large buttons with minimal jewelry.  

This jumpsuit from B Barbie Style is a stunning example of the whimsical and spunky Gamine with it's petite polka dots and body hugging design.  Accessorized with delicate jewels from Atomic Faery and the Gamine girl is ready to take on the world!  So if you happen to be a Gamine and aren't afraid to admit it, which unfortunately a lot are, then do yourself a favor and visit .PENUMBRA.'s AW16 Fashion Week that runs through Sunday, because you will be surprised at the number of delightful ensembles just waiting to jump into your closet!

The Fashion Details
Head - LAQ - Trinity 1.5

Body - Maitreya - Lara

Skin - LAQ - Sophie

Eyes - IKON - Triumph - Dew

Hair - Clawtooth - La Bella Donna (gacha)

Earring - Atomic Faery - Delicacy Earring @ .PENUMBRA. AW16 Fashion Week

Pantsuit - B Barbie Style - Alessandra @ .PENUMBRA. AW16 Fashion Week

Boots - Ricielli - MAG

Pose - An Lar - The Vanessa Series

Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your day and remember to always stay true to your style and make today's trends in fashion and home decor work for you!

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