Monday, May 12, 2014

Perfect Harmony

Walk with me through the garden, share in all of it's delights.  Tread lightly and keep your eyes open for there might be a fairy or two at play beneath your feet.  Be still and listen and WATCH!  See their wings shimmer as they flutter; observe their seemingly aimless flight.  You are a guest here, it is their garden, the butterfly garden.

Stopping for a moment, to admire the scenery, my new little friends came to play!

If you have wandered into Fameshed for the May round then I am sure you have spotted this dress.  It comes in two styles, a shorter version and this one in a long "gown" style.  Do not let the gown title of this dress fool you into thinking this isn't a casual dress.  The fabrics are perfectly textured and the light airy feel of this dress makes it perfect for any occasion.  Whether a stroll on a beach, through your gardens, or a backyard garden party this summer, this dress is perfect!  Due to the tight fitting shape, your feet do peek out when you walk, but that is the only issue I have with this mesh.  The dress shows off a perfect side breast view which I think adds sex appeal to the dress, as does the perfectly cut alpha underneath.  Notice the belt, in purple, it is on a color HUD and has several colors to choose from, which again changes the look and feel of this dress quite drastically.  Combined with other accessories from Fameshed, We <3 RP and the Fantasy Gacha, this is truly a wonderful Spring, early Summer outfit and one that will not go into the depths of my closet!

Outfit: Harper Halter Gown in Teal (Fameshed); Sugarsmack! Hair Butterfly Blue and Purple (Fantasy Gacha); OhLaLa Butterfly Friends White and Blue; Zenith Earth Stone Butterfly Necklace Silver (Fameshed); Lazuri Kaya Earrings; MG Hand Jewelry (Fameshed); Pure Poison Oriental Feet Silver (Fantasy Gacha)

Avatar: Shape by me; Slink hands and feet; Shakeup! Everyday Blush [inPrettyPink]; Custom Tinted Lips; Pelle Smooth Eyeshadow - Purple; Pekka Eyeliner 2; Pekka Under Eyeliner; Gaeline Mesh Eyelashes; Exile Colette Hair - Sunset; DeeTaleZ Calla Skin; IKON Kaleido Eyes - Sea

Life is far too precious to let it be a waste.  Find something that inspires you!  Follow your dreams no matter where they lead, for even the darkest moments hold the promise of light!  

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