Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fashion For Life Boho Style

After weeks of internet issues, and days of none at all, I had to jump on and make sure that everyone has gone and done some shopping, and contributed to a good cause!  The Fashion For Life, Relay for Life event is still going on now, and I was absolutely amazed at everything available.  From discounts, to gachas, to exclusives; with at least 15% of the proceeds being donated to the American Cancer Society. I went by and picked up a few things last week when my net wasn't spitting and sputtering and I have been excited to share them with you!  This is the first in a series of posts that will feature content available at FFL while the doors are still open!

Stars Fashion has a variety of outfits up for sale at the event, and the majority of them include Slink shoes and jewelry!  Which of course, is a wonderful surprise!  This is a top and skirt combo, which means you can't wear them with anything else but, with as well as this skirt and top go together, I don't see a need!  The fit is perfect, however, the alpha is cut very precisely, which means, you do need a pair of panties to cover those pink parts!  Matched up with some of my favorite finds from last months events and from The Arcade, this is a perfect summer outfit, and I actually don't have any buyers remorse since I know my Linden were well spent, for a worthy cause!  Hurry on over before you lose out on some fantastic pieces for a great cause!

 Stars Fashion India Boho for FFL including earrings @ Relay For Life
Eudora 3D Vintage Wedges
EMO-tions Chloe 
Epic Panties (no they don't show but I still credit!)
Zenith Farewell My Concubine Ring
Eclectica Swirl Dress Ring
Izzie's Eternity Bracelet @ TDR Fusion
Pure Poison Vintage Key Necklace for Oneword May
Motivaction Springtime Watch Wild 04 Rare @ The Arcade

Shape by Me
Skin DeeTaleZ Anouk Skin NEW! + Custom Lip + Custom Eyeshadow + Cleavage 
Gaeline Mesh Eyelashes and Eyeliner
Slink Mid
Slink Hands Elegant 
The Plastik Slink Nails Concord
IKON Sunrise Eyes

Remember to cherish each day for you never know what could happen tomorrow!
Live in Love and Light

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