Thursday, June 5, 2014

Dark Style's Fallen Angel

Dark Angel, with thine aching lust!
Of two defeats, of two despairs:
Less dread, a change to drifting dust,
Than thine eternity of cares.

Do what thou wilt, thou shalt not so,
Dark Angel! triumph over me:
Lonely, unto the Lone I go;
Divine, to the Divinity.

The Dark Angel
by Lionel Johnson

Just a few more days left at the Dark Style Fair, and this is an outfit I have spent the last couple of weeks putting together for you all!  The tattoo by UtopiaH inspired this outfit, as it is absolutely amazing!  The detail is exquisite, and considering the placement of this body tattoo, which does cover both breasts, there is minimal stretching and blurring of the lines.  The Slink Hand Applier is seamless, and this is often not the case with a lot of continuous arm tattoos to the hands.  For the sake of keeping my blog viewable by all, I have covered the pink parts with the new Zoella hair from Truth.  I love this hair for several reasons, one of them being I can get away being topless without the decency police putting me in shackles; and another, it splits perfectly over the shoulders and drapes elegantly down the back.  The waves in the hair keep it from looking stiff when you move and when taking pictures.

Have you heard of Scrub?  I hadn't until I walked into their store at the Dark Style Fair, and at that moment I was thrilled I had waited to spend any Linden until I found the perfect outfit for me to show.  Now, with my usual Boho Chic style, a place like Scrub would normally stay under my radar, so I am thrilled to have discovered them at the Fair!  The "Like a Nun" collar is a fantastic mesh collar that also comes with an alpha, if you need to wear one.  I did have to adjust my body fat to almost zero however, for it to not cut into my shoulders, but this will be something everyone will have to adjust differently depending on how it fits.  But if it isn't fitting right, try body fat and thickness first!  A set of bracers that are fitted mesh are also available to match the collar.  The details are wonderful and the lacework is very well done.  Also at Scrub you will find this delicate face chain, called "Alice's Chains".  It is available in more than one color and they are easy to resize as well, which, of course, makes it that much more appealing.  I didn't spend more than a minute getting to fit perfectly for my face.

DirtyStories is another store I was unfamiliar with, but after falling in love with these horns, I plan on finding out more about them!  The Damned Princess/Prince Horns are available for both male and female in their store at Dark Style until it closes.  The detail on the back of the horns can be seen in the first picture.  The design is very unique, considering that most put the details on the front or the sides of the horns, not in the back.  As usual, Maxi Gossamer's Bali Gypsy Hand Jewelry adorns my hands.  If you missed them at FaMeshed last month, check the store.  You can resize, recolor and retexture the beads, cord and the stones on the hand pieces, which makes them very versatile.  I made them black and silver for this outfit, but the number of different combinations you can create is stunning!

Hair - Truth Zoella NEW!!
Tattoo - UtopiaH Innocent Body Tattoo @ The Dark Style Fair
Chain - Scrub Alice's Chains @ The Dark Style Fair
Collar - Scrub Like A Nun Collar @ The Dark Style Fair
Piercings - HV Alice in Metal
Horns - DirtyStories Damned Princess/Prince Horns @ The Dark Style
Hand Jewelry - Maxi Gossamer Bali Gypsy
Skirt - Vero Modero Garden Set Skirt

Shape - me
Hands and Feet - Slink
Skin - DeeTaleZ Calla Skin + Custom Lip Tint + Cleavage
Ears - E-Clipse PV2Ears
Eyes - Adoness Havila Electric
Eyeshadow - Catwa 
Blush - Shakeup! Deep Blush
Eyeliner - Pekka
Lashes - Gaeline Mesh Eyelashes

Have a wonderfully wicked rest of the week, and if you have kids, and they just got out for summer break.... GOOD LUCK!  I am right there with you!  

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