Thursday, July 10, 2014

Heathenesque @ Project Limited!

Ever have one of those moments where you doubt you will ever get into an event?  And then suddenly....BOOM the tele works and you make an audible squeal of delight?  Today, I had one of those moments!  After 3 hours of banging my head against an invisible barrier (literally), suddenly I double clicked and I was IN!  And, of course, in my invisible alpha avatar, I couldn't move.  So after 10 minutes, I floated off to the side and started panning around the sim in search of, let's call it my prey!  And in the forested venue of Heathenesque I found what I was looking for; the new Hoofies collection!

These fantastically detailed horns, and boots are exclusive to the event and will only be sold in a limited number.  Once they are gone, they will never be sold again!  The original mesh "hoof" boots are made for Slink high feet and are another wonderfully detailed creation from Jamie of Heathenesque!   The natural horns, another original mesh, fit perfectly and have adorable ribbons and beaded details.  The dress, not an exclusive, but a new item, looks like real leather and is a wonderful fit, so make sure to complete the outfit by picking up either the black or brown!  I had to add a couple of accessories I picked up at the event to tie it all together, the collar from Pekka, and rings from Faun.  Do yourself a favor and don't envy your friends for what they picked up at Project Limited and make sure you have grabbed your own!

Horns - /h/ Hoofies
Dress - /h/ Hoofies Hide in Black
Boots - /h/ Hoofies Brown Hide
Collar - Pekka Solid Metal Spiked Collar
ALL @ Project Limited NOW!!!!
Hurry while supplies last! 
Ring L - Faun Geo Ring Chrome
Ring R - Faun Geo Ring Gunmetal
Both @ Kustom9 that just ended

Shape by me (not for sale)
Skin - DeeTaleZ Anka + Cleavage NEW!!
Blush - Shakeup! Deep Blush
Eyeshadow - Pelle 
Eyeliner - Pekka
Lashes - Gaeline Mesh
Hair - Spellbound Indigo Hair
Hands - Slink Elegant
Feet - Slink High
Eyes - IKON Sunrise

Have a wonderfully wicked week and happy shopping!

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