Monday, December 29, 2014

London's Calling

Today as I tossed on some goodies from We Love to Blog I suddenly had a memory triggered from years ago when London Fog used to have really eye catching, fashionable commercials.  I used to love the foggy, urban location shots they used of London and knew exactly where I needed to take the shots I wanted, London was calling!

Dress - Center Ville - Short Dress with Belt
Shoes - Shey - Sweet Bow Stilettos NEW!!
Marketplace - Shey
Coat - CH - Tallia Jacket - Brown NEW!!
Earrings - Lazuri - Kaya

Center Ville has been releasing all kinds of new goodies lately, including this stunning skin and fantastic dress.  Which, since it was snowing in London, I tossed on the new Tallia Coat from CH.  The dress is a mock turtleneck short sleeve with a thick belt and great short skirt.  The fit is fantastic and the mesh moves well when strolling around.  The jacket comes with an alpha to hide your arms and the mittens are built in, so make sure to take off your Slink hands for the perfect fit!  Center Ville's newest skin, "Eloc" comes in 4 shades and is truly stunning.  The details are perfect and I have to admit I have been wearing it pretty frequently, as of late.  Do yourself a favor and head on over to the store and grab your favorite shade, and of course make sure to check out all their fabulous new releases as well!

Shape - Mine
Skin - Center Ville - Eloc - Natural
Eyes - IKON - Hope - Silverleaf
Lashes and Liner - Gaeline - Fantasia
Feet - Slink - High
Hair - Analog Dog - #42

Now let us take a moment to discuss these fabulous new shoes from Shey!  I noticed a post yesterday on Facebook and just had to go check it out!  Shey has released the Sweet Bow Stilettos on the Marketplace for $30L!  Yes, only THIRTY Linden!  The shoes have 35 different colors via HUD and the details on the shoe are wonderful.  These are not the only specials on the MP from Shey, so check out the MP link, or head on over to the store and see what they have to offer there as well!  But, pretty sure the promo price is only good on the MP!  

Wanted to send everyone to mainstores today, as I think we have all gotten a tad bit distracted by all of the events that have inundated the grid in the past few months, so take a break and just go wander the stores, you may fall in love with a new designer!

Have a wonderfully wicked week and remember to always stay true to your style!

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