Thursday, September 21, 2017

Perfect Fall BBQ collection from Aphrodite @ 68 Main Event

I had the pleasure recently to pose and set up the vendor pictures for Aphrodite and the new Van BBQ collection currently only available at the NEW 68 Main event, and I had so much fun! For the first time in a long time I got to pose with people and discuss angles, and I think it produced better photos! I love the sharing of ideas and I realized I have really missed that interaction, which means I might start hitting up friends to start doing a few blog posts together! Ok, back to the topic at hand, this amazing BBQ set!

Aphrodite Van BBQ

The Van BBQ set for families has poses for a couple and up to three toddlers with the high chair at the table. Each piece is uniquely designed and wonderfully textured with an incredible attention to detail. The BBQ has an extensive menu of foods to cook which can then be transferred on steaming plates to your guests seated at the table. There are a variety of poses on the BBQ for cooking and prep and you will be blown away by the incredibly lifelike appearance of everything to eat and drink!

Aphrodite Van BBQ Couples

The couples BBQ has a ton of poses as well, if you happen to be feeling a bit frisky on these cooler, soon to be Autumn nights! The table has a drink trough in the middle and also comes with several food accessories, bringing the entire BBQ together.

Available at the 68 Main event as well are the adorable Van Coolers for drinks and desserts, bringing this entire collection together into the perfect backyard BBQ getaway as the last rays of Summer come to an end. Considering the last few days, and last night at the emergency room, I think it would be a wise idea for my family and idea to relax and unwind around a bonfire tonight with a little BBQ of our own!

The Decor Details

Aphrodite - Summer Van BBQ - Family and Couples Versions
Complete with BBQ and Table with all the decor
Tons of poses
Menu of food to cook
Food is presented to guests on steaming platters
@ 68 Main

Aphrodite - Summer Van Drink Cooler @ 68 Main

Aphrodite - Summer Van Desserts Cooler @ 68 Main

Everything 40% off for the duration of the event!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Locked up tight! Featuring Petit Chat, Powder Pack and Truth

The last 24 hours have proven to be the most stressful we have had in months, but at least this time it wasn't all negative stress! Since yesterday morning we have found out I need to have heart surgery before Christmas, my son's ultrasound was inexplicably moved up to today, my other half got a job interview for today, and by the end of the day yesterday, he also had a job offer just outside Seattle, WA and we are currently in Arizona. Needless to say our heads are spinning and I'm not sure if we can tell up from down at the moment. A bit ago I wrote a post about chasing after your dreams, and now the kids are looking to us to see if we are going to follow them or watch an opportunity pass us by. We were really thinking about how he was going to move there while I stayed here with the kids, for the last one to graduate, which would have meant 9 months apart. Good news came on that front today, when they told him they would hold the job for 6 months, which has made both of us breathe a bit easier, but it sure hasn't relieved the stress associated with this decision. So if I seem a bit scattered I apologize, and I hope you can all bare with me during this interesting time in my life!

Locked up tight in Petit Chat

As usual I ran away to Second Life to try and zone out for a bit and let the world fall away and it worked! For just a little while I was able to concentrate on something else and I think my blood pressure has settled back down and my heart is beating normally instead of like a junior high Jazz band on the first day of school, well that was until I started this post! (LOL) But beautiful things have a habit of making me relax and this whole ensemble of new releases did just that, at least for a few minutes! I don't even know where to start here with all these goodies, so I will start from the bottom up with this adorable new release from Petit Chat for The Darkness Monthly event that runs through the 30th. The Lock Me necklace is perfect for keeping those precious things locked up tight! This is a 100% original mesh creation from Petit Chat and it comes with an amazing HUD with 4 options for the metals on each piece, so if you want to keep your heart under lock and key then head on over to the event today and grab yours, you won't be disappointed! I know I am a bit late in opening my Powder Pack for September, but well, now you know why! When I started going through the newest releases I was blown away by the gorgeous Autumn color palettes most designers leaned towards in this release including the GORGEOUS makeup release from Arise for the September Powder Pack for LeLutka. The eyes and lips are complimentary to each other and the appliers are fantastic with no extra lip hanging over or misplaced lines on the eyes, making it a MUST have addition to your makeup case. And if you happen to be looking for new natural looking lashes and brows then you need to grab this release, even for the over 3K price, because I promise you won't be disappointed. After all, you can have the same skin in a hundred different photos and no one will know if you have tons of makeup options, which has become the way I save money on Second Life. I sign up early so I can pay less for the Powder Pack - LeLutka release, and then switch out the makeups for different photos so I'm not running around looking for new skins every other post! I hope I have inspired those of you who haven't invested in the Powder Pack's yet to head over and sign up and remember to check out The Darkness Monthly event for some darkly delicious finds!

The Fashion Details

Head - LeLutka - Simone 3.0

Body - Maitreya - Lara

Skin - Essences - Mara @ Powder Pack - LeLutka - September

Eyes - Avi Glam - Lure @ Powder Pack - LeLutka - August

Eyebrows - Izzie's - LeLutka - Applier Brows @ Powder Pack - LeLutka - September

Lashes - SlackGirl - B.You Shadow & Lashes @ Powder Pack - LeLutka - September

Eyeshadow - Arise - Carol Makeup Set @ Powder Pack - LeLutka - September

Lips - Arise - Carol Makeup Set @ Powder Pack - LeLutka - September

Hair - Truth - Athena - September VIP Gift

Choker - Petit Chat - Lock Me @ The Darkness Monthly
September 5th - 30th

Happy shopping and have a wonderfully wicked rest of your day and remember to always stay true to your style and make today's trends in fashion and home decor work for you!

Friday, September 15, 2017

A perfect place to unwind after a long day. Featuring Bee Designs, Petit Chat, and unKindness

Recently I decided to start over from scratch on my land and bought a new house and new outdoor landscaping, however the house has been sitting empty and I honestly didn't even know where to begin. I have so many beloved pieces and new things I have picked up over the last six months, and part of me wants to start over with all new things, but I can't see that happening since I happen to have certain pieces I can't live without. However, when I unpacked the new release from Bee Designs for The Liaison Collaborative I decided the vintage theme was going to continue, as usual, but with a new living room!

A perfect place to unwind after a long day. Featuring Petit Chat, Bee Designs and unKindness

The Elise Living Room is a Gacha Collection, currently available at The Liaison Collaborative and comes with 11 commons and 2 Rares. I love all the little cute decor pieces in this collection and I couldn't resist adding in some of the suitcases from the Vintage Suitcase Gacha Collection, also from Bee Designs, an exclusive at the Aqua event. I happen to have hat boxes and old suitcases, that when space allows, I have around my house, usually in my office. But since I haven't had one of those in over a year and a half, I decided to put them into my Second Life home while the others gather dust in storage. I have been absolutely amazed with the newest releases from unKindness, including the newest Fireplace Fountains currently at FaMESHed, that come in a wide variety of colors meaning you are sure to find the perfect fit for your home. The water is a fantastic addition to the traditional fireplace decor, and a MUST have for everyone's home in my opinion, so hurry out to the events and pick up your favorite pieces and create your perfect space to unwind! As you noticed, I dropped my briefcase on the sofa as I came home to unwind, which is a brand new release for The Chapter Four from Petit Chat. The Happy Briefcase is HUD driven with 8 options for the buckle or if you pick up the Fat Pack you will get an AMAZING HUD with 8 options for the buckle and 8 options for the strap, and there are different color collections to choose from as well so head on over to the event today and pick up one for yourself! You won't be disappointed!

Petit Chat - Happy Briefcase @ Chapter Four

The Decor Details

Build - Scarlet Creative - Wimberley 2

Living Room Set - Bee Designs - Elise Living Room Gacha @ The Liaison Collaborative
2 Rares and 11 Commons

Luggage - Bee Designs - Vintage Suitcase Gacha @ Aqua

Fireplace Fountain - unKindness - Fireplace Fountain Rustic Teal @ FaMESHed

Framed Print - unKindness - La Luna Frame @ FaMESHed

The Fashion Details

Briefcase on Sofa - Petit Chat - Happy Briefcase @ The Chapter Four - September 4th-30th
Hud driven : 8 color options for the buckle.
Fatpack comes with full HUD (8 options for buckle + 8 for the strap)
Materials Enabled

Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your day and remember to always stay true to your style and make today's trends in fashion and home decor work for you!