Saturday, January 10, 2015

Evil Princess

Hello everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful week and have started a wicked weekend!  It is my pleasure to bring to you tonight the second release from Livid of the season, inspired by the Baroque era.  Every time I open a box from Livid I get excited because I know that whatever goodie is inside will be of fantastic quality with an almost unmatched attention to detail!  From the crown with its intricate patterns to the "Royal Hand Kiss" gloves to the gorgeous "Ascension" boots every accessory is perfectly matched to the "Royal Decadence" coat and expertly designed.

Coat - Livid - Royal Decadence - Evil Princess
Boots - Livid - Royal Ascension - Evil Princess
Gloves - Livid - Royal Hand Kiss - Black
Crown - Livid - Royal Exaltation Crown - Evil Princess

Poses - PosESion - Golden

The stockings come in several layer options, and since the boots are not made for Slink, then there is no need for appliers, and I have to say I couldn't tell the difference between other boots and these.  They are wonderfully detailed and are rigged perfectly in place!  Which of course saves so much time and makes them a pair that will be worn more than once.  CatWa's "MissFortune" was a perfect accent to this outfit for me and fit perfectly with the coat.  The hair is available in several different color packs, sizes and has a couple versions as well.  There is a little bit of a build going on at the store so make sure to take the temporary landmark!

Shape - Mine
Skin - Poudre - Yana Tigress - Silver
Eyes - IKON - Hope - Glass
Hair - CaTwA - MissFortune
Stockings - Livid - Royal Secret Tights - Gothic Cross

I just HAD to put on Poudre's newest release for this ensemble as it matches PERFECTLY!  I love the gorgeous detailing on the eyes, and the lips in this set.  It comes in several different makeup shades and skin tones ensuring you will find your favorite combination!  Head on over to the store and fall in love with Poudre if you haven't already, I know have!  And after putting all of this together, I have been caught up in the spirit of the design and I am off for a bit of a wicked evening!