Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Night at Usher II

Night at Usher II

 The House blazed with life and color; harlequins rang by with belled caps and white mice danced miniature quadrilles to the music of dwarfs who tickled tiny fiddles with tiny bows, and flags rippled from scorched beams while bats flew in clouds about gargoyle mouths which spouted down wine, cool, wild and foaming.

A creek wandered through the seven rooms of the masked ball. Guests sipped and found it to be sherry. Guests poured from the booths, transformed from one age into another, their faces covered with dominoes, the very act of putting on a mask revoking all their licenses  to pick a quarrel with fantasy and horror. The women swept about in red gowns, laughing. The men danced them attendance.

And on the walls were shadows with no people to throw them, and here or there were mirrors in which no image showed.  "All of us vampires!" laughed Mr. Fletcher.  "Dead!
 Ray Bradbury - The Martian Chronicles - Usher II

As she wandered along the glistening corridors, sipping the blood red Sherry from a crystalline glass, the golden room caught her attention.  The way the lights danced about the room, almost playing tricks on here eyes; as if the room were filled with a hundred souls, not just the scattered few who milled about the room.  She swore she heard someone whisper the word "death" but then again, she had heard all kinds of things whispered tonight.  Placing her mask to her face; the exquisite details becoming clearer as she stepped to the mirror.  The delicate skull, luxurious fabrics, and what quite possibly, could be bone.  Leaning in closer to get a better look her heart stopping suddenly as the mask falls from her hand; her delicate fingers fumbling towards the mirror; seemingly searching for herself,  she realizes she too has become one with the Court of the Dead.

Gown - Pale Empress - Usher II @ A Tattered Page*
Mask - Pale Empress - Usher II @ A Tattered Page*
Jewelry - Zuri Jewelry - Aurora Elite V2

Shape - Mine
Skin - Belleza - Eva
Eyes - IKON - Immortal - Industrial
Lashes - Gaeline - Felicia
Hair - Olive - The Mir - Tea Stained
Hands - Slink - Elegant
Nails - Supernatural - Glitter

All poses by PosESion 

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