Monday, January 12, 2015

Sisters of Light and Dark

Two sisters born of noble blood, just a few years apart; one dark one light.  Who could have known that over time a hatred would grow between them, drawing the raven haired Princess to darkness and the golden one to the light.  

The eldest with no life of her own as she is consumed by watching every move of her sister.  Peering through the keyhole into her secret room at the top of the stairs.  The place she knows evil spells are cast during the darkest days of the moon.  But tonight the door was ajar and there stood her sister, beckoning her to come inside.  The hairs on her arm stood up, but she continued across the threshold determined to not let her little sister see her cringe.  

Spinning to take in the wonders surrounding her, she heard her sisters voice in her ears, far off and distant.  A mechanical heart?  Herbs and vines growing along the walls in the dimmest of lights?  Strange aromas, tangy and somewhat pungent filled her nose making her head spin.  An almost wicked smile tugging at the corners of her sisters mouth as she watched.

Closing her eyes and envisioning the light that fueled her heart, she drew a deep breath before turning from her sister to try and comprehend all she saw.  So many thoughts swirling through her head as she took in what could only be called a laboratory; catching the sight of a bed in the corner with what could very well be a body concealed beneath its covers.  Turning and trying to speak she finds an undeniably evil grin gracing her sisters face, instantly making her heart cold.  

The door, an exit, an escape was the only thing she could think of at that moment.  No longer was she interested in what curiosities lay within the room, all she wanted was to runaway, to breathe fresh clean air and to wrap herself in the light of goodness.  Shaking her head as she stepped to the door she looked back, again puzzled how two sisters of noble blood could end up so very different, and how one could have been born evil while the other was basked in light.  "An age old question." she whispered and slipped away down the stairs into the daylight.

Ensemble for Princess of Light
Coat - Livid - Royal Decadence - Mystic Princess
Gloves - Livid - Royal Hand Kiss - Black
Boots - Livid - Royal Ascension - Mystic Princess
Crown - Livid - Royal Exaltation - Mystic Princess
Earrings - Lazuri - Classic Pearls

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Shape - Mine
Skin - Glam Affair - Sia II - Asia
Hair - Truth - Felicity
Eyes - IKON - Hope - Glass
Lashes - Gaeline - Felicia
Stockings - Livid - Royal Secret Tights - Gothic Cross
Poses - PosESion - Regina

Hope you enjoyed the collaboration between the wonderful Eternal Necrosis of "Flesh Ridden Kisses!"  I know we thoroughly enjoyed writing a bit for everyone!  Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your day!


Hazy Cygnet said...

such beautiful pictures , and a great story welll done :))

Taliferrue Cathaldus said...

Love the stories and photos, great job!