Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Decor Decadence

For a long time now I have wanted to let my Interior Decorator side out to play, but land space, prim availability etc. have kept me from being able to set  up scenes in the way that I would like.  Over the past couple of months this has been changing, and I am finally able to show off some of the fantastic furniture and home decor pieces currently available on the grid.

Graphite and Oak by Rupsy Roo
This gorgeous collection features dark graphite fabrics with excellently detailed Oak wood and comes with the chair, 2 lamps, side table and rug.  I like the look with more than one chair, so tossed out another copy to finish off the scene.  Whether you are looking for a club set or the perfect decor for a more masculine, or modern office this set fits the bill.  The Graphite and Oak Collection can be yours for 50% off during its premier at the Retail Therapy Event which runs through the end of the month, so hurry on over and pick up yours today, you won't be disappointed!

Graphite and Oak Furniture by
Rupsy Roo from Allycat Foxtrot
Retail Therapy - All Items Sold are at 50% OFF
EVENT DATES: July 6 - 31, 2015


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Awesome post!

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Well done! Thank you Jade!