Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Like a fine wine....getting better with age

So everyone who has been following along knows I am over 40, but for anyone new, I turned 43 in April, and though I don't think I look fantastic for my age, I am not one to hide it either.  My body acts like it is a lot older and with everything I have been through, I do look pretty good for that, at least in my opinion.  Over the years I have dated younger men and the most common comment among them is that women age like a fine wine, and just get better with age.  Now I am not one to analyze the younger/older relationships as I honestly believe that if you can find love in this world, as long as it isn't with children or animals, that you are blessed.  It is tough no matter who you are anymore and if you find a soul connection with someone, a difference of fifteen or twenty years shouldn't make a difference, as long as the people involved are ready to handle all the crap they are going to get.  Trust me when I say there will always be a ton of it, from younger, older, same age... everyone will have an opinion.  It has been a very long time since I dated someone younger in my real life, but I have dated younger men pretty much exclusively online since 2008.  Call me vain, whatever, but I do enjoy the idea of being attractive to men at least ten years younger than I am.  It gives a nice little boost to the ego, which I think anyone needs from time to time.

Call me vain but I love it when he says I aged like a fine wine!
As I wiggled into this gorgeous new ensemble from Loovus I immediately felt like "Mrs. Robinson" and I might have giggled just a bit at the fact I own an outfit quite similar to this one.  Sneak Peek ends on the 5th!  Which means you only have about twelve more hours to head on over and grab the newest group gifts and to see all of the hotness that is Sneak Peek!  So with a wink and a smile I think I might call up an "old" younger friend and see what he is up to for the evening, my ego needs a little boosting!

Hat - Loovus - Dasia Brim @ Sneak Peek
Top - Loovus - Brisa Top @ Sneak Peek
Pants - Loovus - Maite Pant @ Sneak Peek
Shoes - Loovus - Baltic Heels Deep @ Sneak Peek
Purse - Loovus - Sudan Tote @ Sneak Peek
Necklace - Maxi Gossamer - Sansa Amulet @ Uber
Pose - KaTink - Andrea Editorial Set @ Sneak Peek
Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your night or day if you are on the other side of the "pond" from me and remember to always stay true to your style and make today's fashion trends work for you!
Um so it has really nothing to do with my post but I discovered this song today and it just made me giggle, so I thought I would share it with you all!!!!

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