Friday, August 7, 2015

"Seeking shelter like a spark in the rain"

Life is not easy or smooth sailing and sometimes we get blindsided by health issues, financial crises, random losses etc.  So many people struggle in silence and don't share what they are going through only causing themselves more isolation with little relief from the stress of the issue at hand.  And then there are those, who show their strength by sharing their struggles and revealing themselves even when it is the hardest thing for them to do.  To make yourself open and vulnerable is to trust those around you, and to have faith in the good in humanity.  Recently a well known and loved creator, Lexi Zelin discovered she had Cancer at a very young age, and as a wife, mother, provider, designer she reached out to everyone letting them know her situation and the struggles she was going through.  The amazing community on Second Life has rallied together and since the end of July The Lexi Project's doors have been opened featuring exclusive designs from tons of creators with all proceeds going to Lexi, to assist with her ongoing medical treatment.  This amazing dress is from HEYDRA and is only available at the event and remember 100% of your purchase goes directly to Lexi Zelin, which means you get a fantastic dress AND you get to do a little good in this world.

The attention to detail and textures are truly amazing on this dress and the ass you get is truly bootilicious and fit perfectly with my Maitreya body, which always makes me happy.  I had fun putting this ensemble together because this dress fits my style quite nicely.  The form fitting lines of the dress are very classic with modern detailing at the bodice leading to its eclectic feel, which after all is the true definition of bohemian, combining textures, fabrics and patterns in an artsy kind of way.  

Long before "Harry Potter" you could say I had a bit of a catch phrase I was known for, "always in all ways," and it means many different things to me but one of them applies in regards to The Lexi Project.  We are all energy condensed into solid form in a most magical way.  Chemistry between people can be explained by the idea that some energies flow together, while some repel.  That unknown, unexplained connection you find with people you barely know can be chalked up to your energies wanting to share space with each other.  Since I came to Second Life I have discovered a synergy among people and a true sense of community, another exchange of energies.  It is perpetual, and ever growing as more people interact and share the same space, creating our own "always", where the energy of creativity and positive thoughts collide.  I truly believe in the power of our minds and that our energy pooled together can do magical things.  Yes, here is another time someone is going to mutter "hippie" under their breath and probably one of those times they wouldn't be that far off.  I believe a chorus of voices can raise anyone to greater heights.  So when I found this tattoo last month at The Wizarding Fair I just HAD to have it, and it has become a daily part of my wardrobe.  Check the store as the event has ended, and I am not sure if it has been moved into the main inventory at this point.  Head on over to The Lexi Project before it ends on the 9th and shop til you drop for an amazing cause!

Hair - Lamb - Want You
Skin - DeeTaleZ - Anka
Eyes - IKON - Hope - Glass
Lashes - Gaeline Creations - Felicia - MESH
Eyeshadow - SlackGirl - Pria @ Cosmopolitan
Necklace - Maxi Gossamer - Vallari Neck Collar
Chest Tattoo - The Wicked Peach - Always
Nails - Pulcino - Secret Garden
Dress - HEYDRA - Lexi @ The Lexi Project
Poses - Kirin - Namie

Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your day and remember to always stay true to your style and make today's fashion trends work for you!

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