Friday, December 4, 2015

All work and no play leads to Retail Therapy!

I absolutely love what I do; I love to blog; I love to be able to advertise for various and assorted stores on Second Life.  I love being a part of large events, especially those that happen to benefit causes near and dear to my heart.  Right now the SL 2015 Frozen Christmas Expo, a Relay for Life event is up and running on the grid with four sims full of goodies for you to get your hands on, and on the 7th I am very proud to be a part of the Windlight Magazine's Windlight Winter Art Show and Showcase with Team Diabetes, spotlighting some of the grid's best artists, along with creative designs from some of the grids hottest developers.  After heading over to that event for Blogger/Press day I went home and honestly, I was suddenly overwhelmed at the sheer amount of items I had gotten to blog, and humbled.  The fact creators put their trust in bloggers to showcase their designs in the best way possible is incredibly humbling, to me, especially for an event such as this.  But overwhelmed is truly  how I felt and I decided the best cure for that was a bit of shopping therapy to add to my everyday wardrobe.  A blogger's day is rarely spent in clothes they have chosen themselves, but that is part of being a blogger.  It is nice to have a section dedicated to just yourself where you can toss on something you went out and spent the time to find and not worry about representing a Sponsor.  All of the stores I blog for happen to make it into my daily wardrobe quite often, but heading out to current events to check out what else people are designing can be freeing.  After all, being a blogger is often a lot like being an actor, you put on a costume, create your set and put on the best performance you possibly can, which over time can be very stressful.  So when I feel like my performance would suffer I go shopping, after all my Momma taught me that retail therapy could fix almost anything!

Now I have to confess I had plans to go shopping this weekend because of this fabulous new jumpsuit from David Heather.  When I saw the ad I knew I would be making an addition to my wardrobe.  When the need for some retail therapy arose I tossed on my shopping shoes and headed on over to the Grand Re-Opening of The Dressing Room to pick up the pantsuit and to see what else had been released for the relaunch of the venue.  Although I didn't add many pieces, as I am incredibly picky when it comes to my daily wardrobe, I was thrilled to see this chic ponytail hair from ElikatiraQuinn comes in a variety of colors, and at the discounted price available only at TDR, there is no reason to not add this style to your wig closet, as my friend Anna calls it.  

If you follow my blog you will know I have fallen in love with the Bogo set from Meva that was available last month at the Gacha Garden.  Due to the nature of that event I don't think this set will be available in the main store location but I have extras! You can find my fan page on Facebook at Just a Spoonful of Psycho, or inworld, JadedPanther Resident if interested in seeing what extras I have left.  Do yourself a favor if you are feeling like you can't put your best foot forward and spend a few Linden on yourself for a change and do a little retail therapy, I promise it's good for the soul.

The Details
Body - Maitreya
Skin - DeeTaleZ - Fenja
Hair - Elikatira - Quinn @ The Dressing Room - Grand Re-Opening
Eyes - IKON - Triumph - Oxidation
Lashes - Gaeline Creations - Felicia
Jewelry - Meva - Bogo
Pantsuit - David Heather - Palazzo Jumpsuit - Navy @ The Dressing Room - Grand Re-Opening
   Shoes - CH - Karissa - Silver
Pose - Di's Opera - Inspiration 2 @ Inspiration

Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your night, or day if you are on the other side of the world from me, and remember to always stay true to your style and make today's fashion trends work for  you!

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