Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The holidays have arrived at Chez Samsara

I can't believe we only have 23 days left until Christmas, and for those who celebrate Hanukkah the Menorahs are already unpacked and everyone is all excited for the start of the Holiday on the 6th.  This past year has flown by filled with surprises, joy, pain, heartbreak and above all else, learning.  With the adjustments I have had to make with my back and neck finally deciding they were done trying to combat the damage caused all those years ago, I have learned I am capable of much more than I ever dreamed.  I am a very introverted extrovert, which means I know a lot of people, and chat here and there, but for the most part who I am, and what I am about usually stays well hidden, except to a very exclusive group of people.  Revealing my pains and sorrow, happiness and accomplishments to the world at large was something that terrified me when I began blogging and I stuck just to the fashion; at least for a little while.  Over the months I found my voice, a place to share my thoughts, stories and musings, as I like to call them, and for the first time in a long time my confidence level began to rise and I learned I was something more than I thought, more than I believed.  When push comes to shove and you have no choice but to change, to adapt, you learn a lot about yourself and find you are as strong as the people around you have been saying for years now, trust me I did and I was pleasantly surprised to find out everyone else was right!  I am a fighter, a survivor and out of adversity comes a more confidant woman as I head into the holidays this year with my family.  If you have been struggling to find a purpose or meaning, try putting pen to paper, or keyboard to screen, and see what you can discover about yourself, after all it is the best way to commune with your soul, and there is no better time of year to open a new door to your future than NOW!

Just like all the retail stores in our real lives are getting ready for the holidays with tons of sales and giveaways and teasers to bring you in, the creators on Second Life have done the same thing with the plethora of events currently running on the grid.  The Arcade and FaMESHed opened yesterday; Tannenbaum Holiday Market opened the 25th and runs through the 25th; SaNaRae also opened the 25th and ends on the 18th; tomorrow the 2015 Holiday Expo - Frozen Christmas, Relay for Life event opens to the public with all kinds of amazing goodies for a wonderful cause.  Make sure to check the website below for all the current information on the event and take some time to give a little back this year!

unKindness's Winter Picket Fence collection is a set of picket fences, single posts and a gate that opens and closes, with whimsical lights with an ON/OFF function upon touch.  The full 7 piece set is ONLY 250L so make sure to head by FaMESHed and pick yours up today to add that perfect last touch to your Winter decor!  The Northern Star Bench and Garland from unKindness at SaNaRae comes in two versions of the archway, one with lights and one without, and a worn wooden bench with single and couples poses so you can cuddle up under a blanket and enjoy the crisp Winter evenings, and for the perfect lighting to add some Seasonal cheer around your home then make sure to check out the Tannenbaum Holiday Market for these gorgeous new Gas Lamps also from unKindness.  They can be used with or without the bow and also can be turned off and on upon touch; at only 2LI they can be added to any parcel that special little touch!  It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Chez Samsara, hopefully after this post your home will soon be touched by the Holidays!

The Details
unKindness - Winter Picket Fence Set @ FaMESHed
unKindness - Northern Star Bench and Garland @ SaNaRae
Love Everlasting PlantPets - Talking Christmas Tree - Deco only version (40 LI) @ Frozen Christmas - 2015 Holiday Expo - Relay for Life Event (Christmas Tree Lot)
Love Everlasting PlantPets - World Peace Tree 2015 - Hunt for the Bells @ Frozen Christmas - 2015 Holiday Expo - Relay for Life Event
unKindness - Gas Lamp @ Tannenbaum Holiday Market

Click >HERE< for all the Relay for Life Info!

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