Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Writing love letters is a lost art

In case you hadn't figured it out by now, I am truly a romantic at heart.  I work and do most of my socializing online due to health issues, yet part of me longs for the days of true courtship in not just long distance relationships, but in all.  I like the idea of letters in the mail, flowers, inexpensive gifts that say, "I'm thinking about you," all the acts of courting a mate.  Many would say emails and texts of today carry much of the same appeal, but they have removed the anticipation, which is at the heart of romance for me.  The waiting with bated breath when you know they are going to phone; the skipping of the heart at the end of a date with the anticipation of a kiss; or as it used to be, the flutter in the pit of the stomach as you race down the drive to the mailbox, stopping a moment to take a deep breath before peering inside, hoping, praying for a new letter.  Thinking of all the couples who spent weeks, sometimes months, and dreadfully sometimes, years apart completely dedicated to one another, with that love maintained only by putting ink to paper and the promise of a future together warms my soul.  In the book Soulmates, by Thomas Moore, he discusses many things, but one of the topics is how to communicate with your soul.  The simple act of putting pen to paper is the best way to truly reach your soul and discover your deepest, most intimate thoughts.  This applies to letters, poems, and journals, for sometimes we need communication with just ourselves which we do when we journal.  Tapping into those emotions and thoughts, transferring them to paper and into physical form brings us closer to who we truly are behind all the masks we have learned to wear.  The writing of love letters is a lost art form that I believe people should practice again, and in the process maybe people will gain deeper insight into themselves and possibly learn a bit of patience and once again find their love of anticipation.

My head is swirling with all the events currently running on the grid, which means everyone is out shopping or trying to figure out what exactly they want from the events before they go so they aren't wandering around like a kid in the candy store who ends up broke halfway down the second aisle!  As usual I am hear to give you more reasons to go check out FaMESHed and The Seasons Story where you can pick up all of the fabulous items featured in this post.  If you happen to love the shabby chic look then you will be in heaven with all of the amazing items from unKindness at both events that inspired this post and this room.  Enjoy and have a wonderfully wicked res of your day, and remember to always stay true to your style and make the trends in home decor work for you!

The Decor
Build - unKindness - Abandoned Loft
Curtains - Shiny Shabby - Long Curtains - Créme (past gift @ Shiny Shabby
Cabinet - unKindness - Rose Hill Country Set @ FaMESHed
"Be Brave" sign - unKindness - Board Art @ The Seasons Story
"I love us sign" - unKindness - Rose Hill Country Set @ FaMESHed
"Believe you can & you're halfway there" sign - unKindness - Board Art @ The Seasons Story
Letterbox - unKindness - Rose Hill Country Set @ FaMESHed
Pillow - Zerkalo - Winter Dreams - Square Pillow @ FaMESHed
Sofa - Zerkalo - Winter Dreams - Couch @ FaMESHed
Pillows - Zerkalo - Winter Dreams - Three Pillows @ FaMESHed
Rug - Zerkalo - Winter Dreams - Rug @ FaMESHed
Chair - unKindness - Rose Hill Country Set @ FaMESHed
"Lovebirds" sign - unKindness - Board Art @ The Seasons Story
Long Table - Kalopsia - Long Sidetable - White @ FaMESHed
Basket on Shelf - Kalopsia - Old Basket @ FaMESHed
Boxes on Shelf - Kalopsia - Round Boxes @ FaMESHed
Craft Box on Table - unKindness - Rose Hill Country Set @ FaMESHed
Roses in Vases on Shelf and Table - Ariskea - [Nordica] Hybrid Roses - Peach, Red and Violet @ FaMESHed
Rose Crates - Ariskea - [Nordica] Frozen Crate @ FaMESHed
Cabinet Deco - ASO! - Vintage Curtain - White
Thomas Moore site to check out all his books!

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