Thursday, February 18, 2016

The cat and I gravitate to the same room in the Winter

Winter comes a bit earlier and Spring a bit later here in the mountains of Arizona and when the humidity rises, I am a bit pathetic now and I get freezing cold, which means I have a tendency to gravitate towards the kitchen.  If you are an avid reader like I am, then your kitchen is probably full of cookbooks as well as a few paperbacks here and there, because there is no better spot than an oven-warmed kitchen to sit and read while you bake or cook.  It is a perfect place to unplug and unwind, taking a little time for yourself.  Everyone who knows me well knows I love to cook and I would DIE for this new kitchen set up of mine in Second Life.  If you have been looking to add a kitchen to your home or to add a few new goodies, then check out the new releases from unKindness, Apple Fall, Chic Buildings and Dixie Dandelion!

The LTD Event opened recently with this wonderful new Pioneer Vintage Tea Set featuring the two shelving units, tea tray and trunk, perfect for any vintage kitchen, especially if you have seen this amazing stove from Apple Fall.  The Pembleton Cooker comes alone or with an accessory set and is currently right near the landing point for the store so hurry over today and grab the stove and the Pioneer Vintage Tea set from unKindness at LTD for a perfectly vintage kitchen!  

If you love to read and want to do your part to help out those in need then head on over to the Relay for Life, Home and Garden Show happening now through March 6th, with creators offering two items for 100% donation to the American Cancer Society, and this year the Expo team has added a gacha area with EVERY gacha giving 50% to the charity as well!  Today I am showing off the Book Lover's Gacha from Chic Building with the book stacks, ottoman and re-purposed cabinet, Chic's donation item, as well as the groceries from Irrie's Dollhouse, part of a whole gacha collection and this adorable rug and kitty set available from Dixie Dandelion.  By the way, for your convenience, if the goodies aren't from the gacha area, in Hope 5, then they can be found on Hope 6, so make sure to grab the LM and head over today.  While you are there, please make sure to take the time and wander through all 10 sims open for the event, you won't be disappointed!

The Décor
Stove - Apple Fall - Pembleton Cooker + extras
Shelves, Tea Tray, Trunk - unKindness - Pioneer Vintage Tea Set @ LTD Event
Be Brave sign - unKindness
Believe sign - unKindness
Groceries - Irrie's Dollhouse - Happy Homemaker Gacha @ RFL - Home and Garden Expo
Tops - Chic Building - Fly With Me Decor - Donation Item @ RFL - Home and Garden Expo
Cat and Rug - Dixie Dandelion - Braided Rug - Cornflower (cat texture changes on touch) @ RFL - Home and Garden Expo
Ottoman, Piles of Books, Repurposed Veggie Cabinet - Chic Building - Book Lover's Gacha @ RFL - Home and Garden Expo

Keep up to date on all the events and posts about the event at the link below!

Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your night and remember to always stay true to your style and make today's trends in home décor work for you!

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