Saturday, March 5, 2016

Cafe du Bon Matin - Kaya's Ray of Sunshine @ The Home and Garden Expo

Yesterday there was a wonderful discussion at the Prim Perfect Talks for The Home and Garden Expo,  in regards to relationships between bloggers and creators.  As well as understanding requirements and getting to really hear what some creators, especially build designers, want to see from a blog post.  After some thought I decided to take the challenge and see what I could do with the fantastic Cafe du Bon Matin release from Kaya's Ray of Sunshine, an exclusive to The Home and Garden Expo.

If you happen to be a sim designer or you like to create complex scenes on your home sim then do yourself a favor and check out the Cafe du Bon Matin.  The bottom floor is a quaint cafe fully decorated as is the apartment upstairs as well as flower arrangements for the balcony.  The tables come in black and white, with matching chairs that come in three different coordinating patterns.  The entire build is well designed and perfectly appointed with a very low prim count, meaning you can add more decor pieces to make the space your own.  Every where you look there are special details sure to delight the senses, so make sure to head over to the event today, as the doors close tomorrow!  

To complete the scene I added the Spring Trees Grouping with and without Daisies from Dixie Dandelion, as well as the Chimenea and Whirligig, giving it a bit of a Springlike feel.  I enjoyed this post more than I expected, and loved being able to feature an entire build, inside and out, for my post!

The Details
Cafe and Apartment - Kaya's Ray of Sunshine - Cafe du Bon Matin - Complete
Includes everything pictured other than trees, chimenea, and whirligig @ The Home and Garden Expo - Hope6
Trees - Dixie Dandelion - Spring Trees Grouping with and w/out Daisies @ The Home and Garden Expo - Hope6
Chimenea - Dixie Dandelion - Chiminea Dragonfly - Green @ The Home and Garden Expo - Hope6
Whirligig - Dixie Dandelion - Dragonfly Whirligig Clockwise @ The Home and Garden Expo - Hope6

Stay up to date on all the info for the closing activities and to check out all the other posts!

Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your evening and remember to always stay true to your style and make today's trends in home design and decor work for you!

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Kaya of Kaya's Ray of Sunshine said...

Thank you so much for your coverage on the Cafe du Bon Matin. It was a joy making and it's a joy reading your blog on it. Thank you!