Saturday, August 6, 2016

Finding your temple

I started out today with a great attitude and plans to get all kinds of work done, that however, was not the universe's plan.  But as the old adage goes, "(Wo)Man plans, God laughs."  Once all the errands had been run and I had once again settled in to write my post life decided to step in and change my tired mood to irritated, and got me to thinking.  With as back and forth as I have been and all my "stuff" not yet moved, I am seriously feeling a bit like I don't have a place.  For the first time in my life I am moving in with someone, instead of it being the other way around and I am having to sort through all the years of my single life, of which there are many, and figure out what is still important and relevant.  I wouldn't consider myself a pack rat, even though I was born in the year of the Rat, but I seem to have accumulated a lot of "stuff" over the years.  One of the things I have always cherished is having a space that is uniquely mine; appointed with all my little knickknacks, hand me downs and what others would call junk.  It is my temple for private worship, solace, and the one place I truly take control over and decide what and who enters.  In my new abode however, there isn't exactly room for that and I have begun to notice this nagging uneasiness creeping into my bones as I look for a place to escape, at times, from the hustle and bustle that is life with two teenage boys and a working significant other.  For the past month, I realized I have been using the commute to the old house, and my time there as my space, and that just doesn't work for me!  So the last week has been all about making a place in my new home where I can sit and relax, read, gather my thoughts and generally be alone.  One of the great things about my significant other, is that within our bedroom he wants me to find that place, and in some ways I have started to make an area into a personal contemplation space, which has been enhanced by the addition of a new rug to do a bit of yoga in the mornings before opening the bedroom door and entering the chaos of the day.  When thinking about this, I wondered if everyone was like this, or if I just happen to be a bit odd, which of course would come as no surprise!  But people watching is one of my favorite past times, even within my own home, and each one of us has their area they retreat to when the need arises, I just happen to not be very used to sharing that space with someone else; though I have come to realize I don't mind it.  I actually enjoy it, because by making our bedroom OUR space, we both can retire there, together or apart, without feeling like we are invading each others space, because we each have our areas, and luckily enough space to make that happen!  I encourage everyone to find their personal haven, a place to go where you can relax in your own energy and relax and recharge, and if you happen to share that space with a partner, then make them part of your temple.

The Fashion Details
Body - Maitreya

Head - LeLutka

Skin - DeeTaleZ

Eyes - IKON - Triumph - Silverleaf

Hair - .Shi - Valiant - Unisex

Earrings and Dress - Virtual Diva - Unbreak @ Swank

Pose - An Lar Poses - The Still Series


A new month means a new round of Swank, which is exactly where you will find this gorgeous dress and earrings (as well as a necklace not pictured) from Virtual Diva.  The Unbreak dress has a wonderful fit and I just love the intricate detailing on the dress mirrored in the jewelry collection as well.  The textures are amazing and always there is an incredible attention to detail making sure the entire ensemble comes together.  If you haven't had a chance to fall in love with Virtual Diva then do yourself a favor and head on over to the event today!

If you haven't discovered Sully Erna when he is away from Godsmack, then clicky clicky!!

Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your day and remember to always stay true to your style and make today's trends in fashion and home décor work for you!

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