Friday, September 9, 2016

Oh, the places you'll go...

Tucked away in a box, I'm sure in the bottom, wrapped in a blanket, is an eighteen year old copy of Dr. Suess's Oh, the Places You'll Go that I purchased when I found out I was pregnant.  The inside cover reveals the hopes and worries of a soon to be mother to her child long before his birth.  I dug through a few boxes hoping I would stumble upon it in the mess, but no such luck.  I wanted to reflect upon the words of a much younger me, but I will just have to peer into the dark recesses of my memory to locate those memories.  My son is my miracle child, since I had suffered through several miscarriages and had told I would never be a Mom; but life always has a way of tossing thing at you that aren't expected.  So at twenty-five when I was suddenly confronted with being pregnant, single and just starting a career, I made the decision that being a Mom was my highest priority.  A few months into the pregnancy I was at my favorite book store starting a collection of my favorite books from my childhood when I saw Oh, the Places You'll Go, and my heart skipped a beat and I grabbed the last one off the shelf, stopped to pay, grabbed a tea and sat down to inscribe it while my thoughts were fresh in my mind after seeing his little face on the ultrasound earlier that morning.  When you have gotten your mind and heart used to something, like not being a parent, it is difficult to switch your brain automatically.  It's like a waking dream where the one thing you had always wanted but KNEW would never come true is your reality.

I became incredibly agoraphobic because I was so worried someone would do something stupid and put my child in jeopardy, and towards the end I rarely left the house and when I did it was to the Doctor's with one of my parents driving.  And when he was born, the world opened up again and the natural wanderlust I have had since I was a little girl kicked in and I spoke to my baby boy about the world, and showed him photos of all the places I had traveled and prayed that I had passed this trait on and that someday he would want to travel far from home to find himself.  Little did I know when he turned eighteen that I would suddenly develop this incredible need for him to not stray far from home!  If there is anyone to blame for the College and University brochures coming in from as far away as Boston, it's me, and part of me is very proud.  He has spent most of his life in a small town with visits to much larger cities, and my stories of faraway places have painted a world outside Flagstaff that I worry may be a bit tainted by the rose colored glasses that come with age.  I think I am as afraid today of him leaving home and traveling as I was the day I wrote my hopes and dreams for him on the inside cover of that book.  And though my voice trembles a bit and my eyes might get slightly teary I still tell him I can't wait to hear the tales he will tell from all the places he'll go.

The Décor Details
Build - Dust Bunny - Willow Farmhouse

Step Ladder with Books - Irrie's Dollhouse - Book Ladder - Dream Library @ The Chapter Four

Fireplace/Bookcase - Irrie's Dollhouse - Bookcase Fireplace RARE - Dream Library @ The Chapter Four

Rug - Irrie's Dollhouse - Braided Rug - Dream Library @ The Chapter Four

Ottoman - Irrie's Dollhouse - Ottoman Table RARE - Dream Library @ The Chapter Four

Record Player - Irrie's Dollhouse - Phonograph - Dream Library @ The Chapter Four

Floor Pillows - Irrie's Dollhouse - Pillows - Dream Library @ The Chapter Four
Gacha! Dream Library
•  100% Original Mesh
•  5 Commons, 2 Rares
•  Resize

Milk Jug Lamp - junk. - Metal Churn Light @ The Arcade - September

Floor Pillow - tarte. - Floor Cushion - Floral @ The Arcade - September

Megaphone - Nefarious Inventions - Megaphone @ The Arcade - September

Round End Table - junk. - Concertina Book Stool @ The Arcade - September

Plant - Nefarious Inventions - Trophy @ The Arcade - September

Hanging Map - tarte. - Traveler's Tapestry @ The Arcade - September

Vintage Mini Jukebox - %Percent - 1930's Deco Jukebox Radio @ Swank

Plant Trio - Commoner - Staycation - Tray of Succulents @ The Arcade - September

Tin on Shelf - junk. - Vintage Perfume Tin @ The Arcade - September

Vases on Shelf - Commoner - Staycation - Geometric Vases @ The Arcade - September

Chandelier - unKindness - Little Bird Chandelier Light (Scripted)
unKindness is currently in the process of a move so check your search for the Landmark before you head on over!
Temporary LM

Paris Map - junk. - Plan de Paris @ The Arcade - September

Framed Quote - tarte. - Quote Print @ The Arcade - September

Basket - junk. - Sign Basket @ The Arcade - September

Clock - junk. - Pigeonhole Clock @ The Arcade - September

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