Sunday, September 24, 2017

Happy Fall Y'all - Featuring Bee Designs @ Shiny Shabby and Kaerri @ 68 Main

Normally when the sun sinks into the sky a little bit earlier and the leaves begin to change I am exhilarated and invigorated, this year however is an exception! Since the Equinox here in the mountains of Arizona the nights have started to dip below freezing, my garden is officially trashed and waiting to be tilled under, and it does not feel like September, more like the last weeks of October or the start of November. I woke up this morning to a low lying haze around our area from all the fireplaces and wood stoves that were kicked into high gear, and chilled to the bone because we were NOT one of the ones ready for the thermometer to go plunging below freezing last night. By the time I headed out this morning at 10:30 am, the house had managed to creep into the low 60's and my dogs were huddled together with a look of confusion on their faces, since just the other day it was in the high 70's. Needing to warm my core a bit I decided to log on and set up this amazing cottage and decor collection, perfect for any time of year, from Bee Designs along with the newest flowers from Kaerri.

Happy Fall Y'all

I absolutely love all the little details in the Happy Fall Y'all gacha collection from Bee Designs, currently available at Shiny Shabby. The cottage is the perfect sized addition to your land if looking for a quaint place to relax and unwind. The cottage is complete with creeping ivy, sunflowers and a gorgeous little tree adorned in the colors of the season. The cottage is a RARE in the gacha where you can pick up almost all the other decor pictured here, other than the flower collections from Kaerri, available at the 68 Main event. Every piece in the gacha is incredibly well made with the colors blending well together as well as the textures and each item would go great in your Fall garden or on your front porch, so hurry by Shiny Shabby and grab some pieces today, or grab them all! And if you have been waiting for Kaerri to release more incredible floral decorations then hurry by 68 Main before it ends and check out the GORGEOUS new collection, exclusives to the event. Whether inside the house or out in the yard, each one of these should find their way into your home today, you won't be disappointed.

Cottage - Bee Designs - Happy Fall Y'all Gacha RARE! @ Shiny Shabby

Ground Art - Bee Designs - Happy Fall Y'all Gacha - Wall Art 1 & 2 @ Shiny Shabby

Pumpkin Sign - Bee Designs - Happy Fall Y'all Gacha - Wooden Pumpkin @ Shiny Shabby

Pumpkin and Barrel - Bee Designs - Happy Fall Y'all Gacha - Barrel with Jacko @ Shiny Shabby

Bucket with Decorations - Bee Designs - Happy Fall Y'all Gacha @ Shiny Shabby

Milk Can - Bee Designs - Happy Fall Y'all Gacha - Milk Can with Flowers @ Shiny Shabby

Hanging Lights(not pictured), Red Lanterns, Planters - Bee Designs - Happy Fall Y'all Gacha - RARE @ Shiny Shabby

Table - Bee Designs - Happy Fall Y'all Gacha - Console @ Shiny Shabby

Sunflower Planter - Kaerri - Autumn Sunflower Arrangement @ 68 Main

Pumpkin Flowers - Kaerri - Pumpkin Arrangement @ 68 Main

Table Flowers - Kaerri - White Lilies and Hydrangea @ 68 Main

Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your day and remember to stay true to your style and make today's trends in fashion and home decor work for you!

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