Monday, October 20, 2014

Stolen Moments with BodyFanatik and SL Vogue!

It is the start of a brand new week today, and ONLY 11 days until Halloween!  This is my favorite time of the year, and yet I have been so busy this year I have NO idea what I am going to wear for a costume!  Perhaps, that will be this week!  BodyFanatik started this last week, and there are some amazing EXCLUSIVE and limited items available right now.  Tir na n'Og has brought everyone a gorgeous skin at this round of BodyFanatik and it is just simply stunning!

The Brooke skin comes with several lip colors; freckles; beauty marks; brow shapers and cleavage and non-cleavage options.  As well as an alpha to show off those pearly whites.  I absolutely loved how the skin looked, so took a chance and tried the shape as well!  As you can see, this shape is wonderful, and after a few VERY minor adjustments, it was PERFECT!  After all, the shape and skin were designed together, I assumed they must compliment each other, and I am glad my assumption was correct!  The very fresh faced look inspired my Bohemian side, and lucky for me YumZ created this amazing outfit currently a gift at SL Vogue on Elm Street!  The top and skirt are not mesh, but the skirt panel is, and fits quite well, which was a nice surprise.  With having only the skirt panel in the front, the fit on this sweater skirt from the rear, is quite impressive!  *winks*  The jewelry completes this outfit, in my eyes, and was a perfect fit for the boho look I was going for.  The Turquoise Onyx n Coral set from Glint! is beautifully styled and textured, so make sure to run on over and check out all the goodies from formal jewels to casual boho looks, Glint! has it all! 

Dress - YumZ - Indian Harvest Red/Blue GIFT @ SL Vogue on Elm Street
Shoes - Zenith - Bohemian Platforms
Necklace - Glint! - Turquoise Onyx n Coral
Earrings - Glint! - Turquoise Onyx n Coral

Shape - Tir na n'Og - TnO Brooke - Exclusive @ BodyFanatik
Skin - Tir na n'Og - TnO Brooke - Exclusive @ BodyFanatik
Freckles - Tir na n'Og - Comes with Brooke Skin
Lips - Tir na n'Og - Brooke Lips Red
Beauty Marks - Tir na n'Og - TnO Brooke
Eyes - Adored - Glitter Girl - Adelemerald
Lashes - Gaeline - Felicia
Hair and Hairbase - Emo-tions - Georgina
Hands and Feet - Slink
Nails - Simply Chaotix - High Shine - NEW RELEASE @ SL Vogue on Elm Street 

It is an exciting time on the grid, so save up on those L and do some shopping for yourself!  Have a wonderfully wicked week!


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