Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Let me be your Christmas Angel

Pardon me Sir, I have gotten lost in the woods.
I cannot find my way home.
My body is cold and my spirit is weary
from wandering in these forsaken woods.
Excuse me Sir, may I bother you Sir
for a moment of your time?

 I fear I have no purpose left
upon this wondrous Eve.
I have come too far from my beautiful home
and hearth.
So pardon me Sir, just another moment of your time.

Would you take me to the comfort of your home
to have a place to lay my wings?
May I be your Christmas Angel
to grace your lovely tree?
May you give to me this Christmas,
the greatest of gifts for me?
To take me to your gracious home and top your tree,
with me?


Dress - Livid - Crux Party Dress - Goth Mass
Shoes - Livid - High Devotion Pumps
Earrings - Lazuri - Classic Pearls Drop
Rosary Bracelet - Livid - Holy Relics
Rosary Garter - Livid - Holy Relics
Necklace - Livid - Holy Relics - Salvation
Ring L - Zenith - Angel Wing in Gold
Wings - DRD - Steamwings - Warlord

Poses - PosESion - Variety of different ones

Shape - Mine
Skin - Poudre - Eyestain Gold
Eyes - IKON - Hope - Glass
Hair - Spellbound - Bramble
Hands and Feet - Slink
Nails - Crow - Holiday Metallics

Needless to say the moment I opened the New Releases from Livid I was inspired.  As I started to put the outfit on I suddenly felt like a Gothic Christmas Angel that should be atop a tree.  The textures on these dresses from Livid are gorgeous and the "Holy Relics" accessory collection is magnificent.  Every detail in this ensemble compliments the other making it a truly exquisite find.  I know the Garter doesn't really show, but you have to know there is a gorgeous garter that matches this set, so hurry on over to the store and grab yours today!  So you too, can feel like a Christmas Angel. 

Everything came together for me with this dress.  The "Medea" skin from Poudre in the "Eyestain Gold" matched perfectly as did the "Bramble" hair from Spellbound; and I finally had a reason to use these STUNNING wings I got from DRD sometime last Spring in a gacha, so check the store. 

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week and remember random acts of kindness are truly what this season is about...  Even if it is just the simple act of rescuing a forgotten angel from your nearest Thrift Shop and giving her a purpose again atop your tree.  For in that one small act, you may very well warm the hearts of those around that tree, and possibly of those you have never met, that your donation feeds one very cold night.  Tthat is what your one random act or donation truly means.  

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