Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Vogue Fall Fest will soon close its doors and sweep up the sidewalks while the staff of SL Vogue is starting to prepare for its next event.  That means you have just a few more days to run over and grab your exclusives from Fall Fest!

LaGeeny has several fantastic outfits available, but my favorite has to be this ensemble!  The sweater, top, pants and boots are all part of the outfit and each piece is exceptionally well made.  Great textures and wonderful use of color makes this an essential late Fall, early Winter addition to every closet!
Sweater, Top, Pants and Boots  - LaGeeny Fashion - FallTasic @ Vogue Fall Fest
Purse - David Heather - Bally Bag - Mud

Shape - Mine
Skin - Poudre - Ada Wolf Black - Pale
Brows - Poudre
Eyes - IKON - Hope - Apex
Hair - Entwined - Ara @ The Secret Affair
Hands and Feet - Slink
Nails - Crow - Holiday Metallics
I continue to be amazed by the gorgeous details of the skins from Poudre.  If you haven't gone by to check the store out and grab some demos, or pick up your favorite selections then you are truly missing out.  Ambra Hoxley takes the time to detail, highlight and shadow the skins, making each one unique and a must have.  I love the Ada Wolf skin collection because of the dramatic eyes and soft lips, which is a personal favorite.  And if you want to add liners and lashes, you can find them at Poudre as well, I however, love the skins in their raw bare form.  There is something very sexy and playful about them just the way they are.  Hurry up and head on over, it will be well worth your time!

Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your night and Thursday!  Remember, fashion is all about finding your style and making it work for you!  Not about following the latest trend just to be fashionable!  
Style is timeless, fashion is ever changing!

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