Sunday, February 1, 2015

Ride or Die.....

When unpacking and putting together ensembles, I couldn't wait to bring everyone these fantastic, retro jeans from Glo, currently an exclusive at Vogue's New Year New Trends event.

The "Foxie" jeans are available in several colors and can be worn with or without the belt.  I absolutely LOVE the retro high waisted, bell bottom styling of these pants and the chain belt is a fantastic accessory that adds to the versatility of these pants.  Glo has quite a few exclusives for the event, so make sure to check them all out when you go to pick up these jeans!  The old school biker girl in me came rushing out as soon as I wiggled into the black pair and my mood for the night was set!  I headed on over to Roche to take a few pics, and ended up staying much longer than I had anticipated and taking a lot more pictures.  The sim is awesome and I just love the rundown gas station set on the sea.  I wonder how many towns along the old Pacific Coast Highway or Route 66 became rundown and abandoned and actually have places sitting like this across our country.... Oh to be able to jump on the back of a bike and head off into the sunset just to discover hidden gems.

Jeans - Glo - Foxie Jeans - Belted - Black @ Vogue's New Year New Trends
Necklace and Rings - Maxi Gossamer - Dream Happy Fairy Moon
Cigarette - Nikotin - Fuck You

Skin - DeeTaleZ - Leyna - Custom Lip Tint, Custom Shadow
Eyes - IKON - Hope - Apex
Eyeliner - DeeTaleZ
Lashes - Gaeline - Felicia
Ears - E-Clipse - PV2 Ears
Hair - Little Bones - Vanity - Eros @ Uber
Nails - Dark Passions - Koffin Nails - Klotchyn Klaws
Tattoo - Letis - Femangerie

Have a wonderfully wicked night and remember to always stay true to your style and make today's fashions work for you!

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