Sunday, February 1, 2015

She's Not Me

"She's Not Me"
Is she a Ride or Die Bitch?
Does she know I'm tattooed onto your heart?
You can try to fight it.
I have left my mark on you
There is nothing you can do...
When you take her to Chateau Marmont
'Cause you book the top suite
Lay her on the bed
Do you remember my name?

Strip her down to her bare ass
In her "Kiki de Montparnasse"
Like I used to have
Do you remember my name?

Is she a Ride or Die Bitch?
Does she make you shiver under your skin
Just the way that I did?
It wont be the same again,
She don't compare to who I am!

You try to forget and you tell her that you miss her
But I bet every time you go to kiss her
You get a hot rush feeling on your lips...
It's me taking over you, throwing you a curved ball.

Reminding you of that true romancin'
Just like the first time, you and me dancin'.
I'll show you all those moves she can't do
She's not me...
Lana Del Rey

When out taking pics of a pair of jeans for Vogue's New Year New Trends Event, I stumbled onto the Roche sim and ended up just snapping pictures left and right, of me and of the scenery.  When it was all said and done, I absolutely fell in love with this photo and felt it captured the mood I was in perfectly.  So, without meaning too I got to wander off and get lost for a little bit!  Hope you enjoy!  Details on what I am wearing, or not wearing, as the case may be can be found >HERE<!  

Have a wonderfully wicked night and take a chance and go get lost for a little while, it is a great way to recharge those batteries!

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