Friday, June 26, 2015

Dancing under the Persian sky at Majilis Al Jinn

     I remember evenings curled under the blankets as a young girl secretly reading the pages of Arabian Nights feeling a bit like I had been transported off to a land of mystery; full of mythical creatures, magic and beauty.  My father had traveled the world with his career but it was the way he often spoke of the people from India, or the Middle East that always fascinated me.  There was a reverence in his voice that I didn't often hear; and I was intrigued.  The Prince of Persia, tales of Scheherazade; and the Dance of the Seven Veils were all things that brought a twinkle to my eye and I know my mother had to endure hours of me flitting around the house in a swimsuit and all of her scarves I had dug out of the closet.  And it was the 70's so you can be assured there were LOTS to choose from, but why pick when I could just adorn myself with them all?! 

 Majilis Al Jinn
     For months now Majilis Al Jinn has been on my list of places to go explore but for some reason something or another has always come up and I had never gotten to visit.  As I was putting together this magnificent new release from Tiffany Designs for Sneak Peek I felt a bit like a Goddess of mythical tales and I knew exactly where I would be heading to take my pictures.  What I didn't expect, were three hours spent strolling along the garden lined pathways; through the marble hallways of a glorious palace or reclining on the beach listening to the soft crackle of the fire.  As my eyes were growing sleepy I found the perfect spot for the Guardian of the Sands of Time to have her picture taken, because in that moment I was no longer "Jade".  When I woke this morning I realized that telling everyone to go visit would never be enough to convey the pure beauty of this SIM, so off I went again to take pictures so I could truly show you the magnificence of Majilis Al Jinn.

The Palace over the Ocean

     It is no secret that I am working on a computer that is most likely run by tiny hamsters who, by now, have long beards and are carrying canes.  But for this location, I bumped up the graphics as high as they can go for me, which isn't very high, and set out to capture the stunning atmosphere.  Do yourself a favor and keep on the local windlight settings as they are custom built for the sim, which means that is the best way to see what Calein Flux had in mind.  When you land, make sure to touch the large ad sign for the sim and take the notecard.  It has the story and original intent of the designer along with an update from May of this year, which made me very happy.  You often see posts about sims people miss, or about beloved sims closing, and to read the story and realize Majilis Al Jinn has been running for four years made me giddy, because if you couldn't tell, I will be spending quite a bit of time there in the future, something about it just soothed my soul.

     I swear I could smell Frankincense and melted candles in the air as I wandered along the meandering paths with one destination in mind.  I had to see inside the palace that had me thinking of lamps, Princes, wishes and, of course, the Jinn who I knew were watching me as I tiptoed through their garden.  Around a corner I turned and the narrow pathway opened into a grand walkway all leading to the steps of the treasure I had been hoping to find.

Do you dare to open the doors and venture inside?

     I have to admit I ran up those stairs because after all the time I had spent winding my way there I just could not wait to see what was inside!  By this point, the hamsters were starting to huff and puff and I was lagging a bit but I HAD to go explore!  As I walked through the doors I was blown away by the detailing in the design and the exquisitely luxurious textures that covered everything in sight.  I got one final picture before the computer decided to freeze and I guess you could call it a teaser since I can only describe to you the decadent bathing room, gorgeously appointed bedroom and grand throne room but in all reality, my words could never be enough to give you a clear picture of the riches found in the palace at Majilis Al Jinn.  Once you gain entry, make sure to take the winding staircase to the top to take in the entire vista, it is well worth the little climb.  

The entryway of the Palace
     Not wanting my adventure to be over, I restarted Second Life, of course, and prayed I could load on the same settings at least long enough to take a little more time to peek around the corners and maybe under the water.  As I loaded, there she was..... the Guardian of the Sands of Time.  I knew I had heard faint whispers on the wind inside the palace and I hoped I had not disturbed the Jinn who had still not shown themselves to me.  But her presence before me let me know I had more than disturbed them, I had angered the Guardian with my peek inside their hidden places.  When faced with a power such as that, you really have two choices to make, stay and die or RUN!  Unless of course, you happen to be me, you snap a photo first, then RUN!  

The Guardian of the Sands of Time in Tiffany Designs @ Sneak Peek  
I hope you all enjoyed my little tale inspired by this amazing gown from Tiffany Designs and the majestic Majilis Al Jinn as much as I was delighted in writing it for you all.  Sneak Peek opened its doors yesterday so make sure to head on by the new location and pick up your goodie bags the designers have put together for this round.  The "Angola" dress is available in several different colors so I am sure you will find your fave amongst them.  By the way, I didn't do any enhancing to my shape, that corseted, cinched waist and large hips with round bum look is courtesy of the dress and I must say I approve!  After all, shouldn't a Goddess LOOK like one?!  

Style Card
Body, Hands and Feet - Slink
Hair  Magika - Volume (older release)
Skin - DeeTaleZ - Neele
Eyes - IKON - Glass
Shadow - Alaskametro - SmokeShow - Big Sky
Tattoo - White-Widow - Les Fleurs du Mal
Earrings, Bracelet, Rings - fashion:LORE - f:L - Trillion and Pear Pearl Collection @  
Dress, Head and Back Piece, Necklace - Tiffany Designs - Angola - Blue @ Sneak Peek
Pose - NanTra - Scheherazade

     Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your night and remember to always stay true to your style and make today's fashion trends work for you!

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