Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Summer of Learning

It isn't very often that I find myself at a loss for words on how to start a post, or really for what I want to say.  Today, however, I am finding it difficult.  I have been away for a couple of weeks now and even though I usually share everything with you all, it has been hard for me to come out of my shell and let everyone in on the current health issue in my life.  Twenty six years ago I was in a terrible car accident, that from all accounts I shouldn't have walked away from, and to this day I have very little memory of what happened.  Though it doesn't seem that long ago, from a technological standpoint it was a lifetime ago.  I learned to live with the pain in my neck and back and continued to live my normal life, pushing myself often through the pain as I was told I could, that there was no permanent damage.  Those words echo through my head now as I read the MRI reports that detail the extent of the damage caused to my neck and low back from the accident.  Over the years, I have had minor flair-ups, some not so minor, but it has always gone back to what I have come to find as "normal".  Seven weeks ago that changed, and I wasn't doing anything in particular or out of the ordinary, but something gave that day that couldn't fix itself this time.  A couple of MRIs and tests later the news is not very good and I am facing surgery on my neck, C5-7, and lower spine L5-S1.  I have full spinal cord compaction at L5 and in my neck causing excruciating pain to even lie down at this point, let alone sit.  So now, I wait.  Wait for insurance to decide I "need" the surgeries; wait for the surgeon to be able to see me...wait, wait, wait...  It is making me crazy!  I had to get up and log into Second Life to get some relief in my head no matter if it hurt my back or not.  I am a worrier, and the last thing I need to do is continue to lie and worry about my future.  Instead, playing dress up for a little while, and getting to see all the amazing creations currently at Sneak Peek seemed the perfect answer to my fading positive attitude!

N-Uno @ Sneak Peek!

As always, Solaris and their event Sneak Peek, bring you the hottest fashions on the grid some of the grids top creators including this fantastic tank and shorts set from N-Uno, exclusively available at the event.  The top and shorts are one piece and the mesh fits very well, though I did have to shrink my bootie quite a bit for the mesh to fit, which isn't all the unusual actually.  The set is available in many colors meaning you are sure to find your favorite, and while there, make sure to check out all the other wonderful creations only available at this round of Sneak Peek!

Style Card
Body - Maitreya - Lara
Hands and Feet - Slink
Eyes - IKON
Skin - DeeTaleZ
Hair - Mina - Grace
Necklace - Maxi Gossamer - Maharani
Watch - Loordes of London - Killing Time #1
Top and Shorts - N-Uno - Gold Red @ Sneak Peek
Pose - KaTink - Andrea Editorial @ Sneak Peek

With how the last year has gone, and especially this Summer, I have decided it is my year for learning and growing.  I have always said my pain has made me a stronger person and now I realize that for twenty six years I have been preparing for this moment, as it is a true test of my character as I continue to be a single Mom and take care of what I need to in my life no matter how hard my body tries to slow me down.  I gain strength everyday from my wonderful sponsors and my truly mind boggling amazing boss Jamie Cross from unKindness.  Without their support and understanding I would not be able to continue to blog, which I have come to love so much.  I hope as I go through all of this that you all stay with me through the journey.  My posts won't be as frequent but I would guess they could be a tad bit more introspective and probably full of all kinds of information on the lovely world of back surgery!  As always, have a wonderfully wicked rest of your night and remember to always stay true to your style and make today's fashion trends work for you!
♥ Jade   

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