Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Does a candy apply count as taking candy from strangers?

I took a walk into the woods tonight, and as my thoughts drifted so did my feet from my well worn path and before I knew it, night had set in and I was dreadfully lost.  Stumbling along in the darkness a light in the distance guided my way, almost like a beacon.  The bright warm glow drew me in like a moth to a flame and before long I emerged in a hidden glade with fireflies and a quaint shack.  The ravens above the door and the jars in the window raised the hairs on my neck but the beautiful, yet haunting tune seemed to put any fear aside and up to the door I strolled.

A Tabby cat rubbed against my leg as I crossed the threshold and slowly strolled through the cabin and curled up next to the vintage phonograph haphazardly placed on the floor.  The scent of fresh caramel and apples struck me as my eyes took in the scene around me.  Lost in the woods I had stumbled upon a Fortune Tellers home, marked by the crystal ball on the table and more than likely the occupant was also a witch, with ritual items scattered about the place.  What drew me to the handmade doll on the chair, I do not know; but over and over I turned it, examining the burlap sewn body, button eye and the stick pins protruding from it, wondering for who or what it had been made.  A quiet clearing of a throat caught me off guard and I might have jumped as the owner of the home had silently entered her home and stood looking at me with a slight smile and tilted head.  I realized at that moment that my feet had moved before my brain had realized it and carried me to the chair where I sat, my mind swirling.  "Your future?  Do you want to see?"  I pondered this a moment, and though I knew I was tempting fate in some way, I took a Candy Apple from her outstretched hand and after taking a small bite my inhibitions were gone.  I looked at her and whispered, "yes."  Images arose in the crystal ball before and a tale of what was to come in my life fell from her lips.  I shall not share those details, as she said it was between she and I, but I ask....does a candy apple count as taking candy from strangers?

The Details
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