Sunday, December 20, 2015

Lost in memories of Christmas

Do you remember when Christmas was filled with toys that sometimes required batteries, the bigger the stuffed animal the better, parents stayed up hours to put together bicycles, and hours spent sitting around the tree with the family No one thinking of working on Christmas Eve, or Christmas Day and the biggest stressor was often the drunk Aunt passed out on the sofa after sneaking a bit too much Rum in her Eggnog.  Now, everyone under 25 is glued to a phone/laptop/tablet and the gifts always have something to do with video games or computers which makes them small, and the invention of gift cards, though convenient they taken much of the fun out of opening gifts, in my opinion.  As we continue to grow more and more attached to our technological devices the more distant we grow from each other, it seems.  When our family gets together there is a basket for all the devices to be tossed in during "family" events, like dinner, movies or like later this week, Christmas.  Everything has become automatic, convenient, and easy yet the times before that seem easier and I truly long for them.  Even my family, who cherishes our time together has gone to checks the month before so we can buy what we want and part of me really hates that system.  I long to be surprised on Christmas morning again with a gift I never would have thought to buy for myself and I wish for a time when tons of presents are stacked under the tree, or at least a couple special ones.  In the end, I guess I wish for a simpler time when everything wasn't automatic.

The Fashion Details
Body - Maitreya
Skin - DeeTaleZ - Marlow
Hair - Phoenix - London @ Tres Chic
Eyes - IKON - Triumph - Oxidation
Shadow - Alaskametro - Zara @ Anybody
Lips - Alaskametro - Sheer Gloss - @ Anybody
Jacket - NoName - Freya
Pants - LAVIAN - AW1516 - Essentials - It's Raining Again (part of a whole outfit) Jeans
Boots - Ben's Boutique - Dream Booties
Pose - Zipi Poses - On My Own

The Decor Details
Tree - [CIRCA] - Snow Lake - Christmas Tree
Presents - [CIRCA] - Snow Lake Gift Display
Train - hive - Noel Tin Train @ Tannenbaum til the 25th
Zebra - Kaerri - Zelda the Zebra
Poinsettias - Kaerri - Urn of Poisettias
Star - Kaerri - Star Light
Teddies - Kaerri - Xmas 2015 Bear Family
Giraffe - Kaerri - Gary the Xmas Giraffe
Flowers - Kaerri - Xmas 2015 Flower Pitcher
Rug - Kaerri - Xmas 2015 Rug Red

Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your evening and remember to always stay true to your style and make today's trends in fashion and decor work for you!

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