Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A Wintery snuggle oasis

I know the week before the Christmas and New Years holidays was absolutely crazy and you might have missed the opening of Trés Chic but don't fret, the event continues for a bit longer meaning you have plenty of time to head on over to the venue and take your time checking out all the fabulous designs available for this round.  I had a chance to pick up a few things before I left for vacation and just had the chance today to unpack everything and set up my snuggle oasis in the snow.

I have to say I didn't work very hard setting up this little snuggle spot in the woods when Bee Designs made it so easy with this amazing new bed and landscape piece only available at Trés Chic.  The Winter Garden Bed comes in both PG and Adult versions and an easy to use Rezz box to help place it.  The bed comes with the rocks, snow, lantern, lights, Deer, trees and animals as shown above, and if you are looking for a couple of vintage pieces to finish off your cuddle spot then make sure to check out Shutter Field's spot at the event where you can find the Winter Decor Fence and Sled with Decor, sold separately at the event.  Even with the tree and Christmas decor tucked away for another year, the snow and my forest of trees, along with this spot won't be leaving my sim anytime soon.  After all, it's a Winter wonderland up here in the mountains of Arizona right now, and I really wish I could sleep under the stars!

The Decor Details
Bed and Landscape - Bee Designs - Winter Garden Bed @ Trés Chic
Fence - Shutter Field - Winter Fence with Decor @ Trés Chic
Sled - Shutter Field - Sled with Decor @ Trés Chic

Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your day and remember to always stay true to your style and make today's trends in home decor work for you!

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