Sunday, March 6, 2016

A walk in the sunshine with CIRCA @ The Home and Garden Expo

Tonight at midnight the 2016 Home and Garden Expo, benefiting The American Cancer Society, will close up it's doors for another year, which means you don't have much time left to head on over and pick up some of the newest and best creations on the grid for your home and garden.  For my final post I am featuring the fantastic releases from CIRCA and Bee Designs for the event as well as the adorable new fence collection from unKindness only available at SaNaRae!  CIRCA has two 100% donation items, as well as a new release and a cute gift on exhibition at the event and if you are getting ready to decorate your home or photo sim then you need to check out these pieces, as they will make perfect additions and you can feel good about spending a bit of money as the proceeds go to help the American Cancer Society and their continuing fight on the behalf of everyone who has fought and those still fighting their battles with Cancer.

The Birdhouse Bench and the Planters are CIRCA's donation items for the even and I absolutely love the designs and the colors are perfect as we head into the Spring months and I can think of no better way to give back than to pick up these two fabulous pieces!  I have to take a moment and talk about the Bon Vivant Garden Café Sets as I think they are truly fantastic!  There are three to choose from and each part of the chair can be changed to suit your fancy, or textural needs making them incredibly versatile and a must have this Spring garden season, especially if you love to entertain outside like I do!  To complete the scene I happily pulled out the newest release from unKindness, only available at the SaNaRae event!  The Floral Fence w/Lights come in several different color choices so I am sure you will find one to fit your landscape.  The fences come in different sections, including a gate with an open/close script, single posts and every piece has lights with on/off on touch.  I loved the blue accents and the very Springlike atmosphere it helped to create in the corner of my newly acquired homestead!  Yep, I am finally over at my new digs where I get to peek out of my windows and spy on my friends/bosses in their home!  Not sure which of us will get picked up first by the SL police for stalking, me or them, but I have a feeling it will be an interesting adventure on the way there!  But in all fairness, I couldn't be happier living close to them now, I have been away for far too long, their creative genius always inspires.  Anyway, I digress!  The Home and Garden Expo ends tonight at MIDNIGHT!  So hurry up and get on over before it's too late to grab some of these fantastic items!!!

The Garden Details
Willow Tree - Bee Design - Romantic Willow Tree (pillows not pictured) @ 2016 Home and Garden Expo - Hope6
Table and Chairs - [CIRCA] - Bon Vivant Garden Café Sets - 3 different sets to choose from with TONS of color options!  50% off through MIDNIGHT tonight! @ 2016 Home and Garden Expo - Hope7
Bench - [CIRCA] - Sunshine Walk - Birdhouse Bench - Teal/Cream - 100% Donation Item @ 2016 Home and Garden Expo - Hope7
Planters - [CIRCA] - Sunshine Walk - Planter and Planter with Items - 100% Donation Item @ 2016 Home and Garden Expo - Hope7
Toolbox - [CIRCA] - Springtime Toolbox Set - Lilac - GIFT! @ 2016 Home and Garden Expo - Hope7
Stacked Pots - Lunar Seasonal Designs - Stacked Pots of Primroses - Menu Driven @ 2016 Home and Garden - Hope6
Fence - unKindness - Floral Fence w/Lights - Blue @ SaNaRae thru March 18th

Check the site for closing information and for the latest posts! 

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